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Ch. 27. Chrjt's St. Ma of flyer in the temple, and departed and went and hanged himfel£ s N. r. Sinners gain will at laft be like a hot iron, coo hot to hold : Defpair Stall force reftitution, when true repentance will not do ir. This will be all the comfort of' unlawful gain at lait, 2. That fudaa ftrangled himfel£, and that he fellheadlong, and his bowels burl} out, areboth certain : But how he was ftrang- led, whether by meer terror, or by a cord, and how he built, whether by meet fuffocation, or by the fall, and how he fell, whether by precipation, or by breaking of the cord, eec. are things uncertain. 6. And the chief priefts took the filver pieces, and faid, It is not law- ful for to put them into the treafury, becaufe it is the priceofblond. 6. N. ThusArch-hypocrites make confcience ofCeremony, and make no con£ience of Per- j ury, Perfccution and murdering the Innocent. Blood they thrift for and own ; and they will give Money to procure it : but the price of blood mutt not be confecrated. 7. And they took counfel, and bought with them the potter's field tobury ítrangers in. 7. N. This was fuppofed to be a pious ufe, fo holy and charitable would they be, 8. Wherefore that field was cal- led, The field of blood unto this day. 9. (Then was fulfilled that which was fpoken by Jeremy the prophet, Laying, And they took the thirty pieces offlyer, the price of him that was valued, whom they of the children ofIfrael did value : ro. And gave them forthe potter's field, as the Lord appointed sue.) 8. &c. N. How punctually was this fore- told? But by whom is a doubt Rill. The Text here faith by 'Jeremy : the welds are found only in Zachary, ch. 1 I. 12. Some think Za. chary did but recite them from Come Tradition from 'Jeremy: Others that Matthew forgot the names : Others that the Scribes fine have mi- ¡taken: But Mr. Merle thinks that this and, the reff of Zachary to the end, are truly part of fereray's Book, misjoined with Zachary by old miftake. r i -. AndJefus flood before thego- vernour ; and the governour asked him, raying, Art thou the king of the Jews? And Jefus faid unto him, Thou fayeft. rr. N. It's like, Pilate ask'd in dcrifion, but Chrift affirmed it in earneft, that. he ¡was their King byRight.. tthew. acccrfaticn. Ch. 27. t2. And when he wasaccufed of the chiefpriefts and elders, he an- fwered nothing. r;. Then faith Pilate unto him, Heareft -thou not how many things they wieners a- gainft thee ?. rq. And he anfwered him to never a word, infomuch that the governonr marvelled greatly. r 2. feet. N. Chrift knew the time to (peak, and the time to be filent,when fpeaking would do no good. 15. Now at that feaft the gover- nour was wont to releafe unto the people a prifoner, whom they would. 16. And they had then a notablepri- Loner, called Barabbas. 17. There- fore when theywere gathered toge- ther, Pilate raid unto them, Whom will ye that I releafe unto you ? Ba- rabbas, or Jefus , which is called Chrift ? r8. For he knew that for envy they had delivered him. r s. &v. He knew that it was the doing of the PA,.fts and Rulers to profecute him and thought that polfrbly the people might he for his life, rather than for fuck a one as Barabbas. 19. When he was fet down on the judgment-feat, his wife rent unto him, Laying, Have thou nothing to do with that juít man: for I have fiiffered many things this day in a dream, becaufe of him. Is. Women and dreams may be better mo- nitors to Come Rulers, than Arch-priefts their wit and intereft. 20. But the chiefpriefts and elders perfwaded the multitude that they fhould askBarabbas and deftroyJelits. 20.- N. It lathe Priefts and Rulers that Stir up the malignityof the rabble to do mifchief. 21. The governour anfwered and laidunto them; Whether ofthe twain will ye that I releafeunto you ? They Paid, Barabbas. 21. N. The people were of two Parties: One part were forChrift, and that fomany that the Priefts fur fear of them durit not take hint openly : But the other Partywere the malignant rabble, who wereready to call for innocent blood, if Prieftsand Elders didbut fet them on. 22. Pilate faith unto them, What fhall I do then with Jefns, which is called Chrift ? They all fay unto him, Let him be crucified. . . G 22.N. No.