Baxter - HP PR3316 .B36 1821

BAXTER'S POEMS. 121 Sin is a hated thing, God now is all, Love makes all common, for it makes all one. Zeal for good works, patience in bearing wrong, Were the true marks by which Christ's flock was known. Had not Christ added this convincing seal, Tongues, miracles, and sanctifying grace, 'The wonder of redemption is so great, That faith to unbelief must needs give place. Apostles mortal were_: before they die, For future ages they Christ's sacred word, His deeds, laws, doctrine by the promised spirit To guide the church, infallibly record. As Moses gave the Jews the only law, Which following priests and prophe.ts were to teach, So th' Holy Ghost by the Apostles wrote The word,which after-ages were to preach. As Moses' law was seal'd with miracles, When such the following ages did not need, So Christ's apostles did by wonders see Those records which the after-ages read. · The spirit promised to the Apostles was, To lead them to all needful saving truth, And bring Christ's words to their remembrance: What they by his commission did, Christ doth. Their writings are the Holy Ghost's own book; Though human imperfection do appear, In modes and phrases, it 's no just offence, But leaves the truth and use still sure and clear. G