Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

The Epiftle Dedicatory. Boyle, fixes great Honour upon your Name, andcan not but ra f great Expectations in the World fromyou, of anfwering that CharaEler which it appears you had ob tain'd, with two Perfons off great Eminence, But (Sir) Give me leave to tellyou, that the Eye of God is uponyou ; and that his Claims and Fxpedations muff be anfwer'd byyou. Menjudge charitably ; but God judges ofus as we are indeed. God cannot be deceiv'd ; Men may, Pardon me, ifI add what he once Paid to me concerning my ownPelf; sir, I think I know you, but I am not fure I do. The Word came dole to me and it maypoffibly be of ufe toyou : it may awaen us both in timately to confider, to whofe judgment we all must hand. `The Lord fulfil inyou andyour hopeful Mite , all the goodpleafure ofhis Goodnef, and the Workof Faith, La bour of Love, and Patience ofHope with power, fo as to heightenand compleat your Faithfùlnef and Figure inyour Generation: This is the Prayer and Hope of, Right Wor(hipful, Yours Humbly, Thankfully and faithfully, in the bell Services, and fallen Bonds, whilft MATT. SYLVESTER: