Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

T O Mir T H E RIGHT WORSHIPFUL SirHenryA[hhuffBari SIR, Am not a little f nfble of thegreat Obligations you laidupon the Reverend Authorofthis following Nar rative, of fwhich neither was his Senfefmall. 'Tis well known to me and others, howgreat a Veneration he hadforyour decea/ed Father, whom he took to be one of the livelie.Ft Inflances and Emblems ofPrimitiveChrilli- anity that ever he was acquainted with. Neither am I ignorant of the verygreat ReJbeCls he delrvedly bore to your Selfand Family. The remembrance ofyour f firm and generous adhe rence to him, in the Day of his Trial and Dijirefi, feems to me greatly to ju/lifie your Title to the Dedicationof this Accountofthe Perfon andLabours whichyoufo greatlyva lued, fo publickly own'd. He took your refolute Appearance for him, as a delightful demonFlration ofyourgreat Re fiefis to his great MaFler, andfor the fame MaFler's fake unto himfelf. He ventur'd his Allfor God, andyou expos'dyour Selffor him,to the feverely tryingEntertain ments which he met with in open Court, from Men of Place and Figure in that Day ; wherein their indecent Carriages refleCledgreat Honour both on him andyou, tho' not a little D(reputation was thereby contrafled to them felves. Had not the Reverend Author plac'dgreat Confidence inyou, fogreat a Truff as his laß Will andiellament re- pos'd in you, hadnever beenyour Lot. To be Executor to two 'itch Excellent Perfons, as Mr,Baxter andMr; A 2 Boyle,