Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

154 2hé LIFE of the Lis. I, Ad 6", The word [National Church] admits of divers fences. As k was ufu- a11y underftood in England I think there was nonefor divers hundred years after Chrift, either governed byBifhopsor without them. They that will look after the molt encouragipgPrefidents, mull look higher than National Churches. Ad 7". The Queftion feems not tomean any particular truly- fchifmatical Party of Minigers, but the generality, that live not under theBithops : andfo I anfwerne- gatruely,waiting for the Accufersproof. 41 84'. r. Iknow not what the Oath of Canonical Obedience is : therefore cannot givea full Aufwer. I know multitudes ofMinifters ordained by Bithops, that never tookany fuch Oath. 2. ThePowers that violently took down the Bithops, were the Secular Powers: None elfe could ere Violence. And it were a ftrangeOath for a Man to fwearthat he would never obey the Secular Powers if they took down the Bithops, when the Holy Ghoft would have us obey Heathen Perfecutors. 3. If it were fo great a Sin to obey thofe Powers, I conceive it mug be fo to the Laity as well as the Miniftry : AndI knew but fewofthe Epifcopal Gentry or others called to it that did refufe to take the Engagement to be true and faithful to thatPower, when thePresbyters here accufed durft not take it. 4. Mott Presbyters that I know do perform all Ecclefiafical Matters upon fup- pofition of a DivineDiredlion, and not upon the Command of Humane Pow- ers. Ad 9". The Ordination of meet Presbyters is notnull , and the Presbyters foor- dained now inEngland are true Presbyters, as I am ready to maintain. But wait for the Accufer's proof ofthe nullity. Ad ro". t. This calls me todecide the Controverte about the late Wars, which I find not either neceffaryor convenientforme to undertake. a. The like I mull fay of deciding the Legality of Inductions and Admif- fions. 3. If a worthy Man be can out, had you rather that God's Worfltip were neg- lected, and the People perifhed forlack of Teaching, then any other Man Ihould be fet over them, though one that had no hand in calling him out ? Malt the People needs have him or none as long as he lives? Was it fo when Bithops were can out heretofore byEmperours or Councils? I think I may take the Guidance of a deltitute People, fo I hinder not a worthy Man from recovering his Right. q. I never defired that any Ihould be Excluded but theUnworthy, (the InfulEci- ent, or Scandalous, or ggroily Negligent) : And I know but toofewof the Ejected that are notfuch : AndThis Queftion doth modenly pats over their Cafe ; or elfe I Ihould havePaid fomewhat more to the Matter. Ad i r ". I. It is a neceffary Chriltian Dutyto fee that we do not the lean Evil for our own fafety : And all God's Ordinances muff be maintained as far as we can : But as Ibefore difclaimed the Arrogance of determining the Controverte a- bout our DiocefanEpifcopacy, fo -I think not every Legal Right of the Church ( which it hath by Man's Law ), nor every thing in our Liturgy, to be worthyfo Ptiff a maintenance, as to the lofs of Life ; nor the lots of Peace : Nor did the late King think fo, who would have letgo fo much. But I thinkthat they that did this [carnally for Self-intereft and Ends] did grievoufly fin, whether the thing it felf were good or bad : efpecially if they went againft their Confciences. s. I think there is no unlawful Prayers or Service now offered to God in the Church ordinarily, where I have had opportunity to know it. And I think we pray for the fame things, in the main, as we were wont to do; and offer Gad the fame Service: And that Mr. Badand others againft theSepara:ifts,have fufficiently proved, that it is no part of the Worfhip, but an Accident of it felf indifferent, that I ufeThefe Wnrdr, or Thofe, a Book or no Book, a Form premeditated, or not. Andno Separatiffbath yet well anfwered them. Ad ía". Such as you defcribedyou can hardly know, and therefore not know- ingly fcruple their Communion ; for a Man's endsand knowledge are out ofyour fight: You can hardly tell who did this [ againft Knowledge and Confcience, car- nally, for Self intereff]. But ifyou mean it of your ordinary Minifers and Con- gregations, I am part doubt that you areSchifmatical, ifnotworfe, if you avoid the Affembiies, and Ordinances mentioned, upon fuch Accufations and Suppofiti. ons : And I Mall much eafier prove this, than you will make good your Separa- tion. rid