Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

The Contents. PART IL Wrirten in 1665. tit begins with theDifferences andDebatesabout Chutch Government in thelatetime La andgives bit Judgment about thefveral Principles óf the.Erallians,Prelatifs, Pref- byterians, Independants, and Anabaptists ; fhowswhat he, approva anddiflik'd in each ; mentions the many impediments on all hands o charitable conciliatory' endeavours ; and yer gives an Account how be refelv'd tofat upon reconcilingwork, in order.wbereto the Worce- Iterthire Agreement was form'd, which was not altogether without itsfucceß, from p.139- to p.rgo. Nineteen Rotaries about EcclefsaflicalCafes, drawn up by an Epifcopal man in the lateTmes, andconvey'd to him by Sir Ralph Clare, with his Anfwer to them,from p.t 5r. top.157. A Letter ofbis in anfwer to SirRalph Clare bis Parifhioner,wbo wouldnot Com- municate with him, unleßbe.migbt receive kneeling, andon a diftina day, andnot with Chofe who receivedfitting; pa 57,&c.. ALetterfrom the affociatedMinifers in Cumberland.and Wefmoreland,to the afféciated Worcelterlhire,p. r 62. anAnfwer to it,p.164. Manyother Countiesbegin toafciatefor Church Difcipline: the Articlesagreed to,by the Mi- nifters in Wiltshire, p.167. ALetter from the affociatedChurches in Ireland, to Mr. Baxter. and the affociated Minifters in Worcefterlbire, pä169. the Anfwer to it, pp.t7o. Afecand Letterfrom the IrishMinigers, p. r7 r: A Letter ofMr. Baxter'sto BishopBrownrigg, about an Agreement betweenthe Presbyterian andEpifcopal Party, p. 172. The Bifbops Repy to it containing his Iudgment about Church Government, p.r74,175,&c.Mr.Baxter's Notes on the Bifbop'sAnfwer, p.178. After this, he upon öccafton off the pang ofLetters be- tween bim andMr. Lamb and Mr. Allen, two Anabaptig Preachers, to dif/itrade them from feparation, propounds and anfwers this Ruegion ; Whether it be our duty .. to feek peace with the Anabaptiltsi. and proposeamethodofmanaging aPacificatoryattempt with them, p.18 r. &c. AperfonalTreaty ofhis with Mr. Nye about an Agreement with the lndependants, and a long Letter to him about that affair, p,r88, &c. Propalab made by bim in Crom- well's time, for a general holy Communion, Peace, and Concord, between the Churches in theft Nations, without any wrong to the Consiences orLibertiea,ofPresbyterians; Congre- gational, Epifcopal ; or any etherCbrigians, p.ryr, et.'o. The eceafon of chafing a Com- mittee ofDivines, to makea CallePtian ofFundamentals; ofwhich Mr. Baxter was one, p.197. His own Judgment ofFundamentals, ib.andp.298. The proceedings of the Di- vines in this matter, p. s 99. Papers deliver'd in by Mr. Baxter to them, on points wherein he difer'dfrom them, p.zoo, &c. An Account of hispreachingbefore Cromwell; andperfanal Canferencé with him after- wards in private; anda fecundConference with him in his Privy Council, p. 205. ofwhat pall between bim and Dr. Níeh. Gibbon,ibid. Ofhis Acquaintance andConverfation with Archbilhop Usher, while be continuedat my Lord Broghil's : where a particular account is given of the LearnedPrimates Judgment about Univerfal Redemption ; about Mr. Bax- ter', terms of Concord; and about the validity ofPresbyters Ordination, p.206. Ofthe Carriage of the Anabaptilts after the Death of Cromwell, p.zo6. and thegeneral Confuf- on of the Nation, p.207. New Propofali be made to Dr. Hammond about an Agreement with the Epifcopal Party, by Sir. Ralph Clare's means, p.208. Dr:Hammond's Anfwer, and Mr. Baxter's Reply,p..2 r o. OfGeneral Monk'smarch to London; and the common fentimints and expetlations of people at that time,.p.zeq. ofbis reachingbefore the Parliament the day before they voted the King back, p.217. ofbis Conference with Dr. Gauden and Dr. Morley, p.á t 8. What pafi between one WilliamJohnfon, a Papifi,and Mr. Baxter; in particular with reference to tbeLady Anne Lindfey, daughterof the CeuntefrofBalcarres, whom he hadfeduc'dand afterwards fiole away and convey'd into Fiance, par8,&c. Two Lettersof Mr. Baxter's to ches young Lady ; one beforefloe wacgole away; and the other while floe was in os Nun- nery inFrance, p,22u,&c. Of peoples various enpeftations upon the King's return,, p.229.j Offome of the Presbyteri- an Minders beingmade the King's Chaplains; and Mr. Baxter among the reft,ibid. feve- ralofthem together wait on his Majegy. The funs of Mr. Baxter's Speech to the King, p. 2 yo. the King receives thangracioufly, andorders them so bring in Propofals in'orderto an Agreement about Church Government,p.231. whereupon they daily met at Sion Col- ledgefor Confultation, p.232. TheirIVAddreßand Propofais tobi, Majelty about Concord,p.z32,&c. the brieffirm oftheir judgment anddefies about Church Government, p. 237. Bishop Whet 's Model of Government towhich theyall agreed to adhere, p.238 Five Requegs made to the King by