Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

The Contents. ehe Nonconformifts,p.14r. a Paperof MM.JohnHumphreys for CamprebenßonwithIndul- gence, thatwas difiribatedamong the Parliament men, p. 14;, &c. a great change of Affairs in Scotland,p: 147. a CharaEter ofMr. Thomas Gouge thefslenï'd Mini/ter of St.Sepal-. chres,p.147. a Letter of Mr.Baxter's to Dr.Good Mahler ofBaliol Celledge in Oxfortj,a boutfome peerages in a Bookhe bad lately publißs'd,p.r48. frefhAccufetions whereby Mr.Bai. terwas aJ/aalted,p.15 r, l Deliverancewhenbe was preachingoverStJames's Market-houfe,, p.152. hisfacedwhile be preecb'tthere; andbis oppofuion; p..1S;.' a Proclamation publilb'J to call in the Licenfes, and require the Execution of theLaws againft the NonconformieJte, ib: falfe Reports about ha preaching at Pinners.Hall,p.154. Mr. Baxter apprehended as 'a Con- venticler,p.15 5. a difference at Courton occajien o fMr.Baxter's Sufferings!). a 56. aprivate Treaty between Dr.Stillingfleet, Dr.Tillotfon, Dr.Bates, Dr.Manton, Mr.Baxter, and Mr. Pool,about an Alt forUnionand tomprebenßon,p. 157. An Adfortbe Healing andConcord ofhis Mafifty's Subjeás in matters ofReligion,then agreed upon amongft them,p.1 s8, Petiti- ons Mr. Baxter was then "put upon drawing up, which werenever profented, 16o. the Cafe of the City as to the Profecutien ofpDiffenters,p.t65. [fay pag'd 565. anaccount ofhis trouble with Sir Thomas Davis,ibid.great Debates about the Tell in Parliament,p.i 67. a Cenfsre of it, p. x68. a penitent Confeffonofone of the Informers whobad given Mr. Baxter much trouble, p.171. further troubles that he met with, and weakneIl, p.17a. afurther Account of Sir Matthew Hale, p.175. of Mr. Read', imprefonment, p.176. Ofthe Additions of the years 167g, t 676, i 677,1678,&c. OF Monfsear LeBlank',Tbefes, p.177. of Dr.Jane's Sermon beforemy Lord Mayor, and bis.Cbargeagainft tllr.Baxter,ibid. further troubles he met with, p. 178. apottage be- tween.the Bp.of Exeter andMr.Sangar, ibid. an horrid Lie reported of Mr. Baxter in a Coffee-hordeabout his killing a Tinker, the Reporterwhereof was brought openly to confeß his fault, p.179. Mr. HollingwortN, Sermon agaen/i the Nonconformefis,p.18ò. a further paf- fage of Sir Matth. Hale,pa8 s. Dr. Manton 's death, p.182. about the Corereverffe ofPre: determinationfurred amongß the. Noeeconformifto,by a Book ofMr.How's, ib. of the Popiff .Plot and Sir Edmundbury Godfrey's murder,&ç. p. 18 ;. offemoral ofMr.Baxter'eWri- tings,p.185. of the Writings ofDr.Stillingfleet, Mr.Hinkley, Mr.Dodwell,and others, a- gainft the Nonconformifis, p. 187, 188. of the deaths of manyofhis dear Friends, p. 189. fame further account of Mr.Thomas Gouge, p. 090. of his new apprebenfmn andficknef p.190. an Accouter ofbes Café at that time,p.192. the judgment of Saunders and Pollixhn about et, p.19 f.offome other ofbee Wretings,p.196. ofa Legacy ofboo 1. left by Ml- Robert Mayor of Oxon, tobediftrebuted by Mr. Baxter amongSixty eyededMiniftere , p. 198.'4 further Account of beefafferirgs andweakneeA ibid. & p. 199. The Appendix contains thefe feveral Pieces following. Numb.T. e Reply to fame Exceptions againfc the Worcefterfhire Agreement, ( a large XI. Account whereof is given at the beginning of the fecundPart of this Narra- tive) and Mr.Baxter' Chriftian Concord, written by a nameleßAuthor, Lfappofed to be Dr. Gunning] andfont by Dr. Warmeftry, p.r. nimbi!. Several Letters that paß'd between Mr.Baxter andMr.Martinjohnfon,eboeet the Point-ofOrdination ; andparticularly the neceety of a con/ant uninterruptedSaccefflon,in order to the validity of Minejterial Functions, p. 18. Numb.11l. SeveralLettersbetween Mr. Baxter and Mr. Lamb, p.51. Numb.IV. Letters andPapers between Mr. Baxter and Mr. Allen, p67. Numb.V. A Letter ofMr. Baxter', to Mr. Long ofExeter, p.ro8. Numb.Vl. ARefolutionof this Cafe; What's to be done when the Law ofthe Land com- mands pert tee togo to their Pare, Cburcb,and Parents require to go toprivate Meetings? p.11 Numb.VII. ALetter of Mr. Baxter's about the Cafe ofNevil SymmonsBookfeller,p.r17. Nómb.Vllf. Mr. Baxter', general Defence, of his accafed Writings, cau d Seditious and Scbifmatical, p.119. Numb.lX .AnAllfor Concord,byRefarmingPar Cburchee,atoi Regsaloat,ng theToleration ofDiffenters, p.127. A Letter to the Right Wofhipful Sir E. H. about that matter, p. 1 ;0. Be pleated (Candid Reader) to correbk theft Errours in the beginning thus: nAge 1.line a9.forend read one and after tell rand. p. aLtoafter clockr. in the. and Isf.dele and. p. 3. A 1.35. for being r. rtngiug me. p.4.la8dele of. and 1.4oafter knowledge r.mas. 1.40. for monder r. erondred_ 'p.6.1.17.r.that pertoffPhyfick. p.8.1.a9.r.ufually. p.199.1.4.for be 1.46. for rejeílians r. oójrthons. The reias they occur inter legeodom a for could not attend the Profs and prevent the Errata. H