Baxter - BX5207 B3 A2 1696

The Contents. fsrable; p.434. But the Parliament that thenfatei confiderably added toformer rigour,p.43S Mr.Baxter andothersgo to the Affembliesof theChurch ofEngland, P.436, Ib a Anfwer to the Objellions againft this pratlice,and. Reafnsfor it, P.438. He retires to A&on, p. 44o. A Letter to Mr. Baxter fromManfleur Amyrauyanother fromMonfseur Sollicoffer a Swit- zer, which by reafon of the Yealaufteshe was under, he thought not ft to abfwèr, p. 442. He debates with fonse ejelted Minißers, the Cafe about Communicating fometimes with the Pa- rifh Churches, in the Sacraments, p.444. A Letterfrommy Lord Alhley ,. with, a petal ,Cafe, about the lawfalneßof a ProteftantLady's marrying a Papift, in hope of his Coercerß- on, with Mr. Baxter's reply, p. 44S- PAB,T III. Written for the moft part in the year i 67o. O¡F the Plague in the year 1665, p. I. during the Sickneßfome ofthe ejetled Minifters 1J preach in the CityChurches, p.a. at the fame time the Five-mile All was fram'd at Oxford,ibid. a Cenfureof the. Ad, p.3. the realism of mens refufal to take the Oathimpofed by that Ail, p. p. Queries upon the Oxford Oath,p.7. 'farther Refle/lionson it,p. to. Twenty Nonconforming Mmifiers take this Oath,p. t 3.aLetterfrom Dr.Bates to Mr.Baxter about that affair,p.x4. of the Dutch War, p.t6. of the Fireof London, ibid. of the'Inflrumentsof the Fire; p.t8. The Noncenformiffs fet upfeperate publick Meetings,p.19. of the burning of our Ships at Chatham by the Dutch, p. zo. the difgrace andbanifhment of my LordChan- eeßoor Hide, ibid. SirOrlando Bridgman made LordKeeper, p.zz. the Nonconformilts conniv'd at in their Meetings,ib. Mr.Baxterfeetfor to the LordKeeper about aToleration and.Comprehenfeon, p.23. Propofals then offer'd by Mr. Baxter andethers, p,24. the Lord Keeper's Propofals,p:zs. Alterations made-byMr. Baxterand bra Ajfóciates inhis Propofals, p.27. [fadl ly pag'd g5.] Reafom ofthefe Alterations,p.ah. [falypag'd ;6.] Alterations of the Liturgy,&c. thenoffer'd, p.; t-. [faly pag'd 39.1 two new Propofals added, and accepted with alterations, p.34. an Addreff of fame Presbyterian Minifters to the King,witba Letter of Dr.Mantotos to Mr.Baxter about it, P.36. great talk of Liberty at this time, but none en- fsed,p.38. Ofthe Book call'dAFriendly Debate,p39 ofParker'o Ecclefiaitical Policy, p.4x. of Dr. OwertsAnfwer, and Parker's Reply, p.4z. An Apologue or two,familiarly re- prefentingtbeHeats andFeuds oftheetimes,p.4;,&c. Mr.Baxter':further account ofbimfel while be remain'dat A&on,p.46. ofbit acquaintancewithworthy. Sir Matth.Hale,p.47.of the cliffurbance he receiv'dat AeBon,p.48. be is font to New Prifon,p.49.,'a Narrative of bu Cafe at that time, p.51. the Errours ofhis Mittimus, withan Explication of the Oxford Ael, p.56. Hu Reflëcrtions during his imprifanment, p. 58. His Releafe and perplexity there- upon, p.6o. Hie Benefeltourswhile en prifon,ibid. His bodily weakneß,ibid. An Account of his Writingsßnce 1665. p6r. an Account ofa Treaty between'bim and Dr.Owep,abaut an Agreement between the Presbyterians and the Independants,p.6e. a LetterofDr.Owen's to Mr. Baxter about that matter, p.63. Mr.Baxter's Reply to it,p.64. bow it was dropp'd,. p.69. ofbu Methodus Theologier, ibid. andTome other Writinge,p.7o. the beat of fame ofbu oldpeople ae Kidderminiter,p.73.tberenewal oftheAEIagainft Conventicles,p.74. Dr. Maaton's imprifonmecet, ibid. Great offers made to Mr:Baxter by the Earl of Lauderdail, if he wouldgo with him into Scotland Mr.Baxter's Letter to bimupon thatoccafion p.75. Another Letter ofbis to the Earl ofLauderdail, p 77. [ fay/ypag'd93.] a Letterof ha to 'Sir RobertMurrey, about a BodyofChurch DifciplineforScotland, which was fnt tohim for.bee 'judgment about it, p78. the Affairo the Marquis of Antrim, with reference to hoe Commiffon from. K.CharlesI.p.83.ofDu oulin's Jugulum Caulk; and two Books ofDr. Fowlers, p.8p. ofSerjeant Fountain's kindneß to. bim,p.86. of Major Blood, and bu ftealeng the Crown, p.88. of the!hutting up the Exchequer, by which Mr. Baxter loft a thoufand pounds,which be bad',devoted to charitable eefes,p.89. ofFowlis's Hiftory ofRomiflo Treafom,p.p . Chara/terr ofmany of the filmed Minders, of Worccaterfhire, Warwick - ihire, wand about London,&e.from p.90 to p.98. thefrond Dutch War, and the Declara- tionfor Liberty ofConfcience thereupon,p.99. the different Sentiments ofPeople about thede- farablenefeither ofan ofablifht Toleration, or a Comprehenfion, p. 1 oo. Mr. Baxtergets a Licenfe,p. roa. the Merchants Letture fit'up at Pinners.Hall; and Mr.Baxter's Accufati- an, for his Sermons there, p.1 o3. Molinaro Writingsand Accufations of Parkerand others, ibid. a private Conferencebetween Mr. Baxter and Bp. Gunning, p. too. the Parliament jealous of thegrowth ofPopery, p. tob. a private Conferenceof Mr. Baxter's with Edward Wray ,Ef/. about the.Popifli Controver'es,p. xo7. Mr.Falkener writesfor Conformity,p.ro8. a Letter ofMr.Baxter's to the Earl of Orery,abeut a general Unionofall Proteftants againft Popery, with Propofalsfor that purpofe,p ro9,8cc. the Strilloereo return'd upon thefePropofals, with the Anfwers to ahem, fromp.! 140. More bitter andmalignant Writings again