Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(126) and that every.trúe Church fhould have its BAT, as DoaorTmmond and many others grant, taking the Church in this political notion; or if that be not granted I will prooveit further anon. And that chefe loweft true political or Organized Churches, muff be Neighbours united for Perfonal Communion , as aforefaid,I prove. 1. Firfi from all the Scripture inftançes: The Churchesat Jerufalem, Antioch, Ephefus , Corinth 0-c. were all fuch,as is fuller to be opened in ahead. Part. 2. From the inftances of all the Churches of the firft and fecond age, of which alfo more is after to be faid. 3. From the dutyesofChurch members, which are as followeth. r. Toaffemble together for Gods publick fervice ; Alf. 4. Heb. io. 25. a. Cor, 14. &c. And how can they do this that arc utterly out of reach, and never know or fee each other 3 2. To have the fame Paftors that are among them, and over them, and preach to them the wordof God, and go before them by the example of an holy life. r 7hef. 5.,1z, 13. Heb. 13. 7, t 7e 24. r Tim. 3, 6, 7,er:. And how can they hear the Paftors that never Preach to them, or beGuided by thofe that never fee them,or follow their examplewhom theynever knew, or come for counfel to them that are out of their reach and knowledg ? 3. To fend to their Paftors when they are tick, to pray with them, á,.d advifc them : which they cannot do to themthat are out of their xeach. jam. 5.4. To provoke one another to Love and to good works,. and to confider e ne another (Ss vwu9,a) to that end : A. word that figni- fiethknórvledgeandmore, even Objhrvttion ofthat whichwe feeor know. In which and v. 25. faith Dr. Hammond [Let us weigh and confider all advantages we can haveupon one another to provoke and excite one another to Charity and all allions ofpiety, fuch as are joyning in the publick ferner. And not fufferour Jellies toproceedfo far tgtvardsdefeîlionsas to give over the publick affemblies, (the forfakingof which is not is not only deferring the pub- lick profe [ion of Chri I, but o o f the ?wanes of growth in grace) but ftirup one another to theperformanceofthis ] All which fuppofe propinquity, and andéonfiit not with the difiance of uncapable grangers. Heb. 3.13. 7o exhortone another daily while it it callecita day, left any be hardened by the clece:tfulnrJs offin. Whick we-cannot do by men of another Countrey, withwhom we have no converfe. Allis plainly ceepreftèd, r 7bef 5. t r. 12, 13. Wherefore comfort your [elves together, and edifte one another even as alto ye do. And we befiech you brethren to know themwhich labour amangyou,and areal eryou in the Lord, and adnionf1, oie; and to eJ,rem them veryhighly inlove, for their work fake, and to be atpeace among your pelves. But how can they comfort theax,felves to- gether that never came together, or fee eachother? There can no peace butNegativebeamongthem that arc not among eachother, and have r.occmvertc. They cannot aline ester grangers. Howcan-I know the B;fhop