Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

656)' verfion, and to the Univerfal Church for Chriltians edification, as be íóa11 have any particular opportunity for exercife (which the Church of Entilandcxprcf eth. by the words Lsnhen thou fhalt be thereunto Lawfully called j meaning a call adexercitium, to the exercife of the office recéiv- cd;: But yet where there are not marry unchurched Infidels to be convert- ed, but all profèfß Chriltianity, it is not fit filch (hail be ordained fine titulo, as they (peak felt it occalton.irregularity and poverty in the Cler- gy, but be at once affixed toa particular Church, which fixed Miniílers are in Scripture ulùally called Bifhops, resbyters and `Pallors, with relation to their particularfïackorChurch, betides their primary relation to the World- and, to the univerJal Church, from which the extraordinary Officers were called Apoftles and Evangelitis, and. the ordinary ones MmiJiers.of Chrift in general. Though I denyy not but even the unfix,- ed. may be calledBilhops, Elders and Palters, asbeing virtually filch, and in an'Of ice whichwanteth, nothing but a particular Call to that fixa- tion and exercife. Now r. To call a Minifier already made Curb to a particular.Church, and fo to make a Bilhopor. Pallor or Presbyter of him, doth not oece- farilyrequire a. Diocefanr: For, t.. The people that are at liberty may do it., ardordinarily have done (as Blondel bath, fully proved) And in our timesif àfree people only choofe a man already ordained, and take himfor their Pallor,, no man taketh this for a.nullity, no. not the Pre- latills thetnfelves. á. And.a Pallor Magifirate or Princemay do it withr outaBifhop, as none deny. 3.. And a Minitier may frequently on jolt o:calion be removed from place to- place and needeth. not a.Bifhop far every change, at leak asto the beingofhis office. a, Andas to the fielt ordination of a. Miniffer as fach, if there muff be a Diocefan todo it, this isgathered .. either.from the natureofthe thing, or from divine infiltration, r. As to thenature of the thing, it flïeweth no fuch neceffity, but rat Cher contradiEteth it ;,for r: As to Efficiency, if aBithop or Arch-Bithop or Primateor Ratriark may bemade without the agency of any one of a higher order, then fo maya Presbyter. For.the reafon is the fame. z . And as to the object 4-1; The:firll object of the facred MiniJfry asCud), isthe Infidelworld, to whom they are to Preach the Qofpel, 2, Oor.5r9and offer Chrift and Salvation, and befeech them in Chrilis Read to be 4e'!. 26.18. reconciled to God, to call them from darknefs tolight , and the power .tf1ar.rg.2o. of Satan unto God. And to think that none but Apoftles this, and that all the worldmutt be left tothe Devil when the Apofiles were dead, is an unchritfian thought: To thofethat mull dothis, Chriff promifed his. preftnce to theend of. the world.. Now, a.. The Infidel world is no more under the power of a.Dipcefan: than ofa Presbyter.: , Lf it be, it is either. r. As he is a.Prelate. 2... Or asa Diocefan. a. Not as a,P.relate in gent rat. For ifthe world be the abjedt of the. Miniftersof tithe, itcdub; no more fucb..2. Not,asa;Diócefan: ,Ftir tbev