Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(158) 'holden to the Sword than to fuck foundations) he dttrfl not fay that the Pr"esbyters office is not of Divine inflitution : And yet it was not ìnfìi tuted in Scripture times : But it was inifituted in Saint Johns time by him a lone after the writingofhis Gofpel (which according to Jerome was about ayear or two before he dyed) and the Revelation (which according to Jreneur li. 5.) was about four or fiveyears before hedyed. And fo all the Bifhopspower of ordaining. fubjeEt Presbyters dependeth, r. On one Apofiles Inflitution, 2. Not proved at all by Scripture, 3. But only by ChurchHiftory, which hath not a fyllable of fuch a thing, as that Saint John did inflitute the Presbyters office ; a. And this is feigned to be done by Saint John many years after Peter and Paul, are fàid to beBithops of Korneand James of Jerufálem, andPeter of Antioch, and MarkofAlexandria.Yea about thirty tweyears after, Markwasput to Hierome death according to Ertl-chins fee then what proof the Doctor giveth faith he dy- is that even at Korne and Alexandria all that time, there was no Bithop ed in the over Presbyters, nor any that ever, ordained a Presbyter that was not eight') year a Bit-hop. of Nero. But fuppofe theDivine inflitutionbe proved of Bifhops ordination vzìL jot: 3 PP P P Scaliger. offubjca Presbyters, let thefethree things more benoted. Anim. in, 1. That at leaf} we have brought it to the Ancients meafore; that ex- Eufeb. septa fila sedinatione, except onlyordination,here is no work for to make a e em Bifhops but what a Presbyter may do. refltantem, pag.r95. a. That in this ordination they themfeives acknowledg that the. P Presbyters may joys , even in impofrng hands, which is the note of Superiority (the letter being blefftd by thegreater); and fo Presbyters alfo (by Epiphanius's leave) dogenerare patres : And Bifhops have not the Pale power of ordination, but the chief. .3. And whether a chiefpotrer-in invefling men in the Minifierial office, do make a difiindt order or office de nomine , let them contend that pleafe dere; if this wereall, we were agreed: Formy part, I had ra. Cher that Bifhops had not only a chief power as moderators, but even a Negative voice in ordination , yea and in Removals and fixing of Mini.- tiers, than not: For in foweighty a butinefs two Locks and- Keyes:to keep out bad men, arc furer than one And the pçor filenced Nohcon formifts have yielded to much more than this. But yet there remaineth one part ot,the Diocefin.r work to be confider- cd, viz, The judging of Heretic and Schifm, and the fiilencing, tut= pending and degrading of Minillers that deferve it. The Q,yeflion is, whe- ther this benot proper to the Prelates office. And here no man can with us to fiwallow the terms of, the quefli- on gtvbole , without difiinguifhing,as if they fignifycd but orte thing. 1. As judging is, 1, Either private by difcerning ones own duty, whichbelongcth to every private man. 2. Or publick for the deciding, ofa controverfìe ; and this .is. 1, Civil,, 2. Or properly. Eceleliatiicai;