Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(í59) fo in feveral manners and to feveral ends, Private men, Magistrates and ISaféors may judge of'Herefee c. 2. And as forfit1/rending,. Or/icing and de;riding, either. r. It fignifi. eth tome Corre Lion by the Sword or force ; and that undoubtedly belong- ( thonly to the lvlagif}rate, and to no private man, nor Clergy man at all as fuch. 2. A Private man and much more a Congregation, may and muff refufe a notorious Intolerable Minitier, whether Infuicient, Heretical or zric;Sdand Malignant, they muff withdraw from him, and not take him for their guide, and Pallor, nor truft their Souls upon his are and condudt. If Cprianhad never fiid [Plebsmaximanz habet poterf>,tePn, vat faeerdotes dignos eligendi, vel indignos reeufandi, the Law of naturefaith enough ; as it doth warrant a man to refute an unskilful -or malicious murdering Phyfician. And- Scripture requireth everyman to take heed of falfe Teachers , and deceivers, and from fuch to turne a- way. 3. To filence a false Teacher by Argument, (by word or writeing) belongeth to everyman that is called to contend earneftly for the faith, and to anfwer a fool according to his folly. 4. To perfwade him by Argument to give over Preaching, or to re formhis errours. r. A private man may do it privately ;. a. Any Mini fier of (brill may do it both ex charitate â ex officio'â authoritate, as a Miniffer ofChrift in his name. For as a Phyfician loth medicate an- other Phyfician, not as another man, but as aPhyfician, and a judge doth judge thecaufe of another Judge, not as a private man, but asa judge ; fo a Miniller ofChrift loth Preach to a Minitier. and perfwade him, not as aprivateman but as a Minitier, not ashis fuperiour, but as a Mcffenger of Chrift who is his Soveraigne. 5. Yea, to Command fuch a min ex authoritate Nurttii vet Minilri, by Minijferial authority in the name of Chriff to forfake his Herefie andwick. ednels, or to forbear the Sacred Miniftry, belongeth to Ministers of the fame office. Forif a Minifier Preach or fpeak toanother Minitier as. a Minifier himfelf, and in Chrifts name, then no doubt but he may commandin Chrifts name; which is but by Minifterial office to publilk the Commands-of Chrili : No doubt but he may fay toanother Mini- tier [I Counfel, yea Command you in the name of Cirilt,-by vertue of, my office and hisword; toforbearAdulterv, Theft, B.lafphemy, Here- tic, or elfe to forbear the Sacred Miniftry] Yea hemay faythus (with due reverence) to a Bifhop, fo that for a filencingby Reafon or force, or . by Minifierial authority and commandas from Chrift, there is no needof the office ofa Diocefàn. , - 6. The queilion therefore is whether we mull have a Bifhop to filence men by bare Authority without convincing effeltual argument fatisfyirg his Confcience ? or elfe by a ditiir.a.Suprrior Authority, more ppwerful than the Minitiers-?- Aad;