Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(16o) And. i. Seing the Diocefanas fuchhath not the Sword, it is certain that he lilenceth no further than he prevaileth with. the Confcience, ei- ther of the Minifter to be filent, or of the people not to hear hint, of of the Magiffratet to filencehim by force. Now to do this, either he mutt prove to them from the wordof God, byargument, that each of thefe are thus far obliged by Gods or elfe that God bathmade him as Diocefan the Judge , and theyare bound to do it, becaufe he bids thcmdo it. For the fait, as is Paid, it belongeth to every Minifter, evenwith of- fee-authority to tell both Ma iftrates, Minifter and people their duty, in thename ofChrift: Thus [Godhash commanded Adulterers, Here- ticks, &c. Toforfake their fins or forbear the lvfiniftery , and com- mandedme topublifh this in hisname, even to particular perlons : But thou art an Adulterer, Heretick&c, go &c. Or [God commandeth_me to tell the people that it is their duty to avoid a Heretick, and the Magiftrate that it is his duty to filence him by force: Therefore Ire-. quire this of you in his name]. 2. But if the Diocefan claim a Superiour Nuntiative power , as one more to be believed than the Minifter, this is. a. But to thedoing ofthe fame work which a Minifter May do. 2. Andhe muff prove that Superi- our credibility. 3. But Miniflerial convi&ion is efficacious according to the evidence that is brought to do the work. Ifthehearer believe not that the Major is Gods word (that an "Heretick e.g. muff give over Preaching). Or if he deny the Minor [but thou art an Heretick] not aBifbops word that will convincehim, but a Minifler that is bgtt:r at proving it may do more. Obj. hut wewill command him to be filent. Anf. And he will deride you and command you to be filent again. Obj. Then we trillconvince the Magiffrate ofhisduty to filencehim byforce. Anf. t. That wasnot the way. for .300 years after Chria: And what was Epifeopacy for till then ? 2. What if the Magiflratesbelieve younot, will youconvince him by Scripture or byyour Authorityover the. Magi- firate? If by Scripture, a wiferPresbyter can-do-that better, or as well. Ifby authority, ofthat anon. Obi. But at leaff we will convince the people that it is their duty toforfake that Preacher. Anf. Again I fay, if youwill do it by Scripture , a Mini- ftercan do it as well. And thus many Minifters now do filence the Diocefans and Conformils, that is, they perfwade the people not to hear them, or own them. But if by authority, it mull come to this at laic, that you are made by God the Judges , and chis mult be believ- ed. And remember dill you filenceno further thanYou perfwade the Confci- ence tobelieve that God bathgiven you this authority. And. r. I ask whe- ther it be ever likely that you will filence any Hereticks , falle Teach- er, or Schifmatick this wayby making tyim take you for one authorized by