Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

<3 2. In the year 1640 the Convocation formed, printed and impofed a new Oath in thefe words (after others) [Nor willI ever give my confent to alter theG.- vernment of thin Church, by Arch-Bifhops, Bifhops,Deans, Arch-Deacons, &c. as it ffands ñözr eftäbilJhed, and as by right it ought`to !land.] 3. After this the Parliament in the Wars impofed aVow and Covenant on the Minifters and People contrary to this Ci4lled the Et catrea Oath ; which Vow contained a claufe toendeavour the extirpation of this Prelacy. In the Wefiminjler Affembly before it paired, many Learned Divines declared that they wodld not take it as againft Prelacy unexplained, left it fhould- Teem to be a_.. gainft all Epifcapacy, which was not tiheir judgrneut,tlaey being for the primi- tive Epifcopacy. To ,fatisfie thefe men (Cat elfe had protefted agáinft it, and the Affembly been divided, the Scots and"fame others being agaiñft all) the ad- ditional Titles of Deans, Chapters, &c. were put in as a defcription of the peculiar Englifh frame ofPrelacy which they all agreed againtt.Since His.Maje- fty''s Refloration, thereare manyAsmade-againtt the belief of an obligation by this Vow. One is made for a change in Corporations, requiring a Decla- ration byall in of Trug, [that there it no obligation-on me or any other perfon fOn'-the fad 'Oath, VOW or Covenant] even abfolutely no obligation at all without exception of the claufs that are for the BroteeCant Religion, far Repentance of ourfins, againft Popery, Her f e, Schifm, Prophaneneß, &c. The MIof Unifor- ïnity impofeth it on all Minifters, &c. to declare or fubfcribe that there is no tbiigation'from that Vow on me or any other perfon to endeavour at anytime any alteration of Government in the Church.] The VettryAEt impofeth the , like on all Veftry men ; and fo ofothers. 4. All Minifters fwear to obey-theBithops in liciti,' (9. honeftu, which is-called the Oath of Canonical Obedience. 5. And laft of all anMt part at Oxford by which we are to be banned five miles from all Cities and Corporations, and all places where we have preached, and imprifoned fix months in theCommon Jail, if we come nearer any of them, except on the Road, till we have taken an Oath [that we will not at any time endeavour an alteration of the Government of the Church,] (which plainly, importeth as much objeétively as the Et.oxtera Oathof 1640 ; Though not en deavouring be fornewhat left thannot confenting.) And fo black a Character is put upon the Non-conformifts, with a (_fame of them),.in the beginning of the faid A&, that-all'Reafon,Religion and Humanityobligeth us for the fa- tisfaétion of our Rulers, for the vindication of our felves, and for the jùft in-. formation ofpofterity, plainly and truly to lay open our Cafe, even thofe rea Ions for-which we forbear that Conformity ; and by fo doing; incurr all this,- befides the greater lQfs of our`Minifterial Liberty,to labour for the favingof the peoples fouls, and the edifying oftheChurch ofGod. What is Paid in the beginning may fufficiently inform the Reader, r. That it is not everyman's Gaufe that is called allon-conformift, no, nor aPresbyte- rian, or Independant thatI heremaintain. a. That I am not writing a Jufti fication ofthe Covenant, a. As to the Mt of Impofrng. 2. Or oftaking it. 3. Nor as to the obligation -toany thingunlawful. Leaving fuck matters as