Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

( 3 ) as alien to mywork, 3. And that I am not forafh as to aff'ert that it obli Beth. any man, to endeavour (in his place and calling) any change of our Church Government, no not of a Lay-Chancellor's ufe of the Keys, whatever I think, Becaufe it is made a matter of fo grievous penalty by an A. All that I have todo is, to enquire whether the Diocefane Prelacy as now Rated, be fo lawful that we may takeall thefe Oaths and Subfcriptions to it, and fo neceffary that the Kingand Parliament have no power to change it, or make an alteration if they pleafe, and we endeavonr it by obeying them if they fhould .com- mand us. And I goupon fuch Principles as Door Barges, Mailer Gataker, and many others in the Affembly, that were ready to proteft that they were not again[ the Primitive Epifcopacy, no nor a moderate one that did not in all things reach it. I will rather be guilty ofRepetition thanofleaving the rafla or heediefs utt. dera pretext for their miflake or calumny. own judgment is as followeth. r. That every particular Church, (confíff- bigof as fulla number as can officiate for true perfenal Communion in Wórfhip and holy,living) fhould be guided by as manyPa{lors or Elders (cf the fameOf- fice) as the number of fouls, and the work requireth. 2. That it is lawful, (if not ufually laudable and fit ) if thefe Presbyters confent that one among them who is wifer and fitter than the tell, be flared- their Guide, DireIor, or Moderator, in the matters of Doétrine, Wor- fhip and Difcipline:in that Church, for order and concord, and for the peoples fakes and their own : And efpecially that in Ordinations they .do nothing without him. 3. That thefe particular Churches with their Eilhop and Presbytery are In- dependant; fo far that no-other$ithop or Church bath a DivineZight to Go- vern them, faving what is anon to be Paid ofGeneral Pafiots orViiìiters, and the power of each Minifter in the Univerfal Church, as he is called.. 4. That as to the Communion of feveral Churches among themfelves, thefe particular;' Churches are, not Independent, but mull hold Concord and Correfpondency by Letters, Meffengers or Synods as there .fhall be caufe. 5. That in thefe Synods it is lawful and orderly oftentimes to make forne one the Moderator or Guide oftheir debates. And that either pro tempore, or rquamdiu fit maxime idoneus, or durante vita, as true Prudence [hall difcern it to be moll conducible to the end. 6. That where the Churches Good and the callingof the Infidel World re- quireth it, there fhould be itinerant Minigers, like the old Evangeliíts, Silas, Apollo, Timothy, Titus, 6.c. to preach the Gofpel, and gather Churches, and help their Paflors. And if fuch be not neceffary in any place, yet the fixed Paftors fhould when there is caufe be itinerant, and help to convert the Infidels and Hereticks, and doboth the general and particular work. 7. That the judgment of Antiquity moving me much, but more the Argu- ment from the neceflty, [that the fame formof Government be continued in A z its