Baxter - BV669 B3 1681

(a9) 4. But the Office of the Sacred Miniftry is much of Grace tution, and lefs of Natural ori;inal than Magiftracy. For though it be of Natural obligation, that one man teach another , and that there be force fitter perfons than the multitude to inftruft the people and guide them in Gods Worfhip ; Yet that in jpecie there fhould be Preachers of the Gofpel, andAdminiltrators of this initituted worfhip and Church-difci_ plies, this is it felfof ChrifisTnßitution, as the Doctrine, worjhip and difcipline which are their Office-work areof his Infti*_ution. 5. And though agreat part of a Chriftian Magiftrates work be allo Inftituted, viz. to promote Chrifts Inftituted Doe-trine , Worfhip and Difcipline, yet fo much alfo of his work is natural, as that he may' be called a Mags/lrate, though he be not a Chriftian Magíitrate, while he executeth, Gods Laws of Nature, for the common good : But he is (at leaft) lefs fitly called aMinifter or Prieft ofGod, who Mall only teach the Law of Nature, and guide an AfFembly in meer Natural Worfhip, (o- mitting all that is by Inftitution :) Or if any think otherwife, it being but denomine, at leaft this is certain, that the Chriftianor Evangelical Mi- niftry is byInftitution. 6. Therefore, though fo far as the Mofaical Magiftracy was founded in Nature, or in anyRevelation-expounding the Law of Nature, we may under the Gofpel fetch proofs thence for the Chriftian Magiftrates Au- thority andObligation; Yet can we fetch no Model ofa Gofpel Miniftry, . nor proofof our Authorityorobligation as initituted, from the Inftituted MiniftryoftheMofaical Church : Becaufe theLawofMora is abrogate,and indeed did never bind theGentiles, (as I have fullier proved inmy Treat. of the Lords day.) Nor is it fafe to argue from parity of reafon that we muff now be ordo as they did, in pointof pure inftitution, while we fo little know the total reafon of God's inftitutions, and when he himfelf bath taken them down and fet upnew ones we mutt not then plead our Reafon againft the alterations which God himfelf bathmade. 7. Therefore though Chrift be now the Head and Fountain of Power; both toMagiftrates and Minifters, yet he did not inftitute a new Office of Magiftracy, but add new Laws for them to rule by as part of their Rule of Government;. Becaufe their Officewas fo much founded in Na- ture, and fo much of their work lay in ruling their common Natural Law : But a Miniftry he did inftitute a-new, as to the fpeciesandgreat efFentials of theOffice. 8. Chrift changing both the Inftituted Mofaical Law, and Prieft- hood , did begin himfelf in his own perfon as the Great Prophet, HighPrieft andKing of his Church, to exrcite his Office in the Yew[? Nation. 9. Beingnot to continue corporally on earth, nOr his bodily pretence beingubiquitary, hedefigned that the Holy Ghoft ihould be his Agent in_ ternally to carry on hiswork in theWorld ; Andhe appointed the Sacred Office of the Miniftry, that meet men might be his Agents external- ly,