Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

iii generalcomplaint of the Predvdency of SelfAnefs. calk th them to mortification and Pelf-denyal, and tells them of nothing but fuffering and patience, duty and diligence, till they come into another world : The idolatrous Heathens abhor. Chriffianity when theyhear how much they mull do and fuller, and all for a reward in thelfe to COMC.its an informing inftance that Pet. 11,1affavas gives us in his Indian Hillary of the firs King of Coxgo that was baptized_: He quickly received the Articles ofFaith, & the form ofWorfhip,&theoutfide and cheaper part. of Religion ; and fo did rnany ofhis Nobles and followers : But when he was called to confeffion, and underftood that he mull leave his gluttony,and drunkennefs,and whoredom,and oppFf- lion , and inordinate pleafures, be would be a Chriftian no more ; his Nobles perfwading him, that the forfaking of all this mirth, and pleafure, and delights of the flefh, and taking up fo Met a life , too dear a price to pay for the hopes of a life to come, ad it was better keep the pleafure they had, and put another life to the venture : And thus Chriftianity had been quickly hanifhed that Kingdom again, if it had not taken deeper rooting in his Son andHeir A/phonfiss, and made him val..' Cure his Crown and Life for the fake of Chrift. And thus is it as the heart with the molt, even of Baptized perfons, and thofe that take themfelves to be Chriftians : Becaufe it is the Religion of the Countrey, and they are taught that there is no falvation without it, they will be baptized,and be called Chriftians, and fay their Prayers, and come to Church, and fay they believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Ghoft, and they will go as far with you insReligion as they can without denying themfelve.r: but for the reft, which is the life and truth ofChriffianity, they will not underftand it,or believe that it is of Inch neceffity:God forbid fay they, that none fhould be Chriffians and faved but thofe that thus deny themfelvesiand take up their crofs and for- fake all they have , and accept not Life it felf from Chrift: They fay they believe inChrift,and yet they fay,God forbid his word fhould be true ; or God forbid we fhould believe Chrift that bath fpoken this in theGofpellSee what kindofChriftians multi- tudes are 1 Every man and WOMAIS on earth, that take themfelves for trot Chriftians, andyet do not deny themfelves, even life and all