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Agexeralcomplaint of the Prevalency ofSe/ft:Amt.:. have been the briefer upon the Arguments, becaufe the mat- ter of force of them may come to be fullyer opened anon in else Application. CHAP. III. Ufe. 1. Ageneral complaint of the Prevalency of Selfilh- nefs. Vfe 1. Ai, ND now we have feen from the words of Chrift the abfolute Neceffity of lelf-denial, and that there is no true Chriftianity nor falvation without it ; let us next take a viewof our felves, and of the world and judge of our condition by this certain Rule. Look well into your felves, and into the world , and tell me whether you find nor caufe to lament, r . That true Chrifliani- tyfris fo rgre a thing, even among the profeffors of Chrifiiani- tYT, feeing felf- denyal is fo rare. z. That Grace is fo weak and (mall in the moll of the regnerate feeing felf denyal is fo little and impede& 0 if the name of Chriftians would prove us Chriflians, and the magnificent Titles we give to Chrift would prove that we are his trueDifcples ; if reeding, and hearing, and outward du- ties , and a cheap Religioufnefs would ferve turn, we have then great (lore of Chr friars among us : If Grill would have left out but this one point of /elf-denial from his Laws and conditions of falvation what abundance of Difciples would he have had in the world ? and how many millions might have come to heaven, that now mutt be fhut out ? It is this point that hindereth all forts of Heathens and Infidels from beingUr- ftians. The Jews will believe in no Chrift but one that will reftore their Temple and outward glory, and make them great and Rulers ofthe world : and therefore they will not be the fcrvants of that Chrift that calleth them to the contempt ofall thefe things, and of life it felf for the hopes of an invifible Kingdom. The Mahometans had rather believe in Mahout that giveth them leave to pleafe their lull, then in Chrift that E z calleth