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The Frevaiency of Selfifhnefs in allRelations. CHAP. IV. The Prevalency of felflihefs in all Relations. DElide all the generals already mentioned, it will not be arnica. Tito giveyou force particular Inflancesof the power offep.. )lefa,and-the rarenefs of felf-denyal in the world, that you may fee what caufeof lamentation is before US. I. How ready and fpeedy , how effeaual and diligent; how conflant and unwearied are they in the fervice of (elf? and how flow and backward, how remifs and negligent, how unconftant and tired are they in the works that are mealy. for God, aad their falvation? Do I need to prove it to you? You may as well call for proof whether there are men in the world ? I were beft for inilance begin next home. Many Mi nifters think it a drudgery and a toil that God requireth not at their hands to confer with every family in their Parifhes, and inftrua them privately in the matters of falvation. But fee what (elfcan do ; If the fame men have but their tithe to gather, they will not think it a needlefs thing, to go or fend to every fa.. roily, and fpeak with them all about their ownWinds. At leaf if it were any confiderable fum, they wouldnot lofe it for want of fpeaking for. Our neighbours do many of them think it much that we fhould call them to be perfonally Inftrufted or Catechized, and they will not come at us ; but fay, [ What needs all this ado ? have we not teaching enough at Church ? Its Children that muff be Catechized,and we are pall Children. ] You fee how little interefl God and their Minifters and their own falvation bath in them But will you fee what carnal feif can do more ? Had I but money enough,I would undertake to make themcome to me, and followme as a horfe will follow h s provender l Had I but ten pound a ciece togive them, yea or but ten (billings, I do not think I thould have any refufe to come and fetch it, ur- let's it were thofe that now are the forwardefl in feeking relief for the wants of their fouls. Had Thin the ellates or lives of all there men in my power, how ealtly would they be ruled and F how 33