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34 the.Prevaleney ofSelfithmeco in all Relations. how diligently and fubmillively would they attend,that now, for God and their everlafting life, difdain to come and leek inflru- dions. And yet thefe men would fcarce believe you,ifyou fbould tell them that fe/fand the world is made their God,and that God himfelf is denyed and rejeaed by them. Moreover, a long time I have been perlwading all the fami- lies in the Town and Parifh, to read the Scripture , and daily call upon God together : I have proved it their duty from Scri. pture , and this doth not prevail. But fee what flelb and Pelf can do ? If thefe men were but fure of ten or twenty (billings a time, for every Morning and Evening that they pray toge ther, I warrant you, what ever theheart did , the lips fbould be taught to do their part. 0 how bufie would all the Town and Parifh be to learn to pray , that now look not after it ? I do not believe that there is ever a houfe among them all that would not very lbortly fet up prayer, if they were but paid for it af- ter thefe rates ? Judge now whether God or felf bear fway among thefe men , and whether foul or body be more re- garded. Moreover, we have too many drunkards in the Town, that no means that we can ufe will refrain and keep fober. They love the drink, and they cannot forbear ; and tell them ofGods word, that doth threaten them with damnation, and they will for all that be drunk the next day. But ifoneof thefewretches might have but ten pound a week on condition he would for- bear, I do not think for all this but he could forbear : Or ifhe were lure that for every cupof drink, he fbould drink after it a cup of pits or gall, I warrant you he would foon begin to abate. We have abundance of ignorant fenfual men that for love of fin refufe Church-Government, and will not come under it. But if the Magiftrate wouldbut make a Law, that all men (hall be members ofa particular Church and fubmit to difcipline, or forfeit but twenty (billings a moneth, how few refuters fbould we have in all the Town or Countrey? We have many that feldome come to hear in the publickAf femblies ; but let the Parliament make a Law that they !hall pay for their refufal, and how, readily will it bring the aloft of them