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The Power of Seighnefs upon mens ,opinions in Religion. 41 fwayed by thew that have the power of their reputation , and elates and liberties in the world. MOreover, when a min is by cattorn grownfeif conceited, or by the power of Pride is wife in his own eyes hard a matter do we find it to convince fuch men by th clear& evi- dence ! They will not fee, when they can hardly wink fo dole ac to keep out the light. It is their opinion and therefore ihall be fo : and they will hold it becaufe it is their own. 3. Efpecially if it be an Opinion of a mans own invention , which is doubly his own,both as he is the contriver and poffeffor, how dole will he flick to it, too commonly beyond the evidence of truth , becaufe that fe/f bath fo great an in7erefl in it ? 4. Yea if a man be but deeply engaged for it , either by la- borious Difputes, or confident-owning it, or any way,fo as that his credit lyeth on it, how tenacious will he be of it becaufe of the powerful intertft of Self? 5. And if it be but an Opinion that Items to befriend any former Opinion that we have much engaged for how much cloth felfifhnefs ufually appear in our inordinate propenficy to, it ? 6. Alfo if we live in dales of perfecution, how eafily do we receive thole Opinions that would keep usfrom prifon and fire ? Or if any fuffering lie upon it, we commonly cake that fide to be right, that is fafefl to the flefh, ( except when felf would be ad- vanced by the occafion of fufferings ) And in profperity, if there be any controverfiearife, which our gain is concerned in how tally believe we the thriving opinion ? If any Oath , En- gagement, or Duty be impofed on us by thole that have Power to do us harm,* g7..nerality are for it, be it what it will. In all thefe cafes it is commonly Carnal Self that is the Judge. And how far Self commands in fuch cafes , you may fee by thefe difcoveries following. I. In Itudying the cafe, mens thoughts run almoll all one way. They iludy what to fay for their own opinions,and how to anfwer all that is againft them : but they /Indy but very little what may be laid of the other fide. They fit at their ftudies with a byaffed will, inclining or commanding their underflanding what to do ; even to prove that to be true , G which