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4% The power of Selflihnefs upon mens opinions in Religion. which they would have to be true , whether it be fo or nor. 2. And hence it is that the weakeft Arguments on their own fide do feem fufficient, ifnot invincible ; and they [land won- dering at the blindnefs of all thole men that cannot fee the force of them : But no Arguments feem to have any weigh% that are brought againft them. And all this is from thepower of felf. 3. Yea fometimes when they are filenced and know not what to fay for their opinions, nor how to an fwer the Arguments for the contrary, yet they can fay, We are are of thit mind, andwe will be of this mind. And why but becaufe it is efpoufed to them and their own ? 4. And hence it is that if a man be but an admirer of us, or of our own opinion inother things,we are readyer to receive an opinion from him then from another. s. And hence it is that Difputations do fo feldom change mens minds becaufe they take it to be a difhonour to be clang- ed by another ( unlefs it be a perfon ofgreat renown ; ) ween- vy to an Oppofite the glory of altering our underftandings But if we mayhave the doingof it our felves by the power of our own underitandings and ftudies, we will fometimes yield to change our minds. He is a ftranger to the ungodly world that feeth not how much fell interefl doth, to matter their under- ftandings,and turn their hearts from the holy dodrine ofChrift and howmuch is to make them like or diflike their teachers, or any point or pradice in Religion. And he is a ftranger even amongDivines themfelves,that teeth not the fway thatfeIdoth bear in their judgements, and difputes,andcourfe of life, and the choice of their party or fociety to which they join themfelves. C N A P. '10156.1111112111101611110.001.1Mtlada&SMIfigillifilaialUmara.1101166011