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Meingreat averfioefs to collly or trosblefone duties, 43 CHAP. VI. cmexs great 4verfnefs to cofily or troublefome duties. 3. Nother difcovering inflance of the rarity of fe/11-denyat A is this, rhegreat averfnefr ofmen to any cog ly,or trouble- fome, or felf-denying duty, how neceffary foever, how plainly foever revealed in the Scripture, and how generally foever ac- knowledged by the C:burc h: As if fell had a Negative voice in the making of Laws for the Government of the world,and none mull be binding without its confent. I fball come down to fome more particular inftances. 1. The great duty of charitable relieving our brethren in neceflity to the uemod of our power, is commonly made almoct nothing of in the world. And men cheat their fouls by think- ing-they are pairedfrom death to life becanfe they love the brethren with filch a cold and barren love as will neither lay down date for them, nor venture life for them, but think they are lure Chriflians, beca they can fay as the believers that lames mentionetb, Depart in peace : be pi 'warmed and filled but give them not that which is neceffary thereto]?am.2 16. Though it be told them plainly by Chrift himfelf that it is not a fruitlefs uneffeaual love, but that which caufech them to feed and cloath and vlit the Saints, cbat muft Rand them in Read at judgement, Mat. 25. and the Apoille a5keth them, How the love ofGodcan dwell in that man that filth his brother have need, and fhutteth up the bowels of his cornpafli)n from him, i yohn 3. 17. Yet do men think that by dropping now and then a penny, they have difcharged all this great duty. And when they fee many wayes by which they might promote the Goipel,and help the Church, and ferve God with their (lige; , yet [cif will not let them fee the meaning of the plaineR Ecripcures that do re- quire it. 2. When men fhould praaife the great duty of forgiving in. juries, trerpaffes and debts, and of loving our enemies and blcfling them that curie us, and praying for them that hate and perfecuze us, how flubbornly cloth felfilhnefs refill chefe duties. G 2 Wha t