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8 4 II glens guilt averfnefs to cooly or troublefame duties. they will never do it ; and it is an injury, they think, for Gad or man to put them upon it. Godcommands : and fe/fforbids: God bids them, yield , left they perifh in impenfrency : feif bid; them, not to yield left: they flume themselves before men : God perfwadeth,andfelf diffwadeth ? and which is it that moil commonly prevails ( Though to avoid the fhame of excommu. nication,fe/f alfo will fome time make them yield ) Did but theMagifirate by a penalty often or twenty pound-upon reftsfers per fwade them to this, not one of a hundred would then refufe : but whenGod urgeth them with the threatning of hell,rhe wages of impenitency,they make little or nothing of it:as if they could eizar. it by not believing it , or fame way or other could deal well enough with him : Judge by the performance of this one duty , Whether God or Self have more Di- fciples. o. Laftly, let me inflance in one duty. more ; Suppofe a de- ceitful! tradeiman, or oppreffing Land-lord, or any one that gets unlawfully from another, is told from the word of GOd, that it is his duty to make Reffitution, either to the perfon or to his pollerity, ( or to God by the poor, ifneither can be done ; ) and to give back all that ever he thus unjullly came by, though he have been poffeffed of it (without difgrace ) never fo long : See what entertainment this doarine will have with the molt. Selfwill not lofe the prey that it hath got hold off,till death shall wring it out of its jaws, and Hell make them with they had never -medled with it, or elfe had penitently and vo- luntarily reflored it. 0 what abundance of objections bath Pelf againft itl and no anfwer will fatisfie from God or man. Of a thoufand unjuit getters, how many do reflore, and fay as ,Zachaus Luke 19. 8. [ Behold Lord the half of my goods, I give to rk: poorond if I have takenany thing from any man byfalfe 467o:ration, I refiore him fourfold. Nay let us infiance in a duty of Idler filf-denyal, then this of Reflitution. If two do but fall out, and one give railing words to the other ; or if one flander hip neighbour and ,do him wrong ; though it be undoubtedly the will of Chrift that he penitently ask him forgiveness that he hath wronged, Luke 17. 34. yet proud-hearted filfifh men will refute it ? What!. will