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Mens exceeding tendernefs of Self in cafe ofany 'offering. will they (loop to fuck a fellow, and ask him forgivenefs (fpe- daily if it be their inferior ?) No, they fcorn it : never talk to them of it more : they will never do its. And why fo ? would not Gc d have them do it ? Hath not he faid, He time loimbleth hiolfelf fhall be ex41'eel Yea , but what tell you them what God faith, and what Scripture faith, as long as fell; and fiefb, and pride are againft it. Judge now by thefe ten duties that have named, whether god or felf be King with moll. C II AP. VII. Mens exceeding tendernefs of Self in cafe ofany fuffering. 4. A Nother Difcovering infiance of the Dominion of Pelf' IA. and the fcarcity of felf-den7a),is, The exceeding tem- dernefs of our f (Ivo in any cafeoffuffering, and the great mat- ter that we make of it, andour difpieafure againfl all that are the caufes of it, be it never fo lull'. I (hall here alto give you fome more particular inflances. When did you ever fee an offender- ( at les& very few ) that Juflified the Judge, and heartily confeffeth that his punifh- ment is due ( unlefalome few ttc the Gallows, when the fight of death takes down their pride ?) But at moll everyone that fuffereth for his fault cloth repine at it, and at them that canted it, and think theyhave wrong, or are hardly dealt with. If all the Swearers,Curfers,Prophanersof the Lords day,Drunkards, or Ale-fellers that refer them, or are otherwife guilty, were accufed by their Neighbours, and punifhed by the Magiftrate but according to the Law, howmany of all thefe is there that would not, be difpleaied with the accufers, and with rhe Magi- firate, and think himfelf wronged, and bear them a grudge in his mind that did it ? And why fo ? Is it not jufl, and accord- ing to the Laws of God and man ? Mull we make a itir in choofing Parliament men? and mull they fit theremoneth after moneth, and ufe their utmoll skill and diligence to make filch' Laws as are neceffary for the common good ? and when all is done,muft not there Laws be executed ? why then i were better fpare 49