Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

5 2 The partiality of?wens pralikal judgement in their own cafe. others that do it. Yea fome, that will not be perfwaded to an Holy heavenly life, will confefs it is the belt and wifeft courfe, and approve of it in others, and with they might but die in fuch mens cafe: And yet theywill not themfelves be brought to practice it.They will commend Peter,and Paid,and the Fathers, and the Martyrs for a holy life, and as I faid,keep holy dayes for them, and yet they will nor be perfwaded to imitate them. And why fo ? why it coilsthem nothing to commend Holinefs in others : but to practice it themfelves, mutt colt them felf- denyal. 6. If another man be fo ingenuous as to forfake an old felf- cfpoufed opinion , which their reputation Teems to lie upon, and this upon their arguing, or in conformity to their minds, theywill commend his great felf-denyal and fincerity : But yet they will not do fo theinfelves, where the cafe is perhaps more clear and neceffary. 7. Take a man that is never fo worldly and unmerciful, that gives not to the poor any confiderable part of his eftate, nor doth nothing worth the mentioning for the Church, and yet this man will confent that another limit be as bountiful and cha- ritable as he will : when you can hardly fcrue a groat out of his purfe, he will be content if another will give an hundred. And he will commend the liberal, and fpeak well of them, when he will not imitate them. And why is this ? why it colitth him nothing, for another to be liberal; and therefore he can advife it, or confent to it without felf.denyal but /elf is againft it when he thould do it hi:Waif. 8. Take the moltfelfifb unfanaified man, that cannot love an enemy, nor forgive a debt, or a wrong, and he will yet commend it in another, and advife them to it, and fpeak well of thofe that will do fo by him : And why is this ? why it colt- eth him nothing to have another man love an enemy, or forgive a debt or wrong ; but he cannot him/elf do it without felf- denyal. 9. Thofe men that love not to be toucht themfelves by the Ilinifters application, can yet endure well enough that other., bedealt as tharply with as may be; And they are glad to hear Any fharply reprovedwhole fins they do diflike. The Covetous M311