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Thepartialityof nuns praelical judgement in their own cafe. 5 r will expea I begin next home ) and he that is moll averfeto particular Infirudion and Difcipline , and Self- deny- ing duties, will be content that another man fhould perform them, and will commend and extoll him for a worthy man : except he perceive that anothers diligencedilgraceth his feiflib.. melt and negligence, and then indeed he may poffibly repine at it. 2. A man that will not come near us to be inflruaed or Catechized, will yet let his children or fervants come. Why what's the matter ? doth he more regard their falvation then his own ? or bath he not a foul to liveor lofe as well as they ? and bath he not need of teaching ? Yes : but they are not him- felf : If they learn a Catecbifm, it is no trouble to him : If their ignorancebe opened, he takes it to be leis difhonour to him then if he fbew his own. He can yield to their fuhrdiffion without felf-denyal, but not to his Own. 3. Takes common glutton or drunkard, that cannot for- bear, but muff needs have that which the flefh defires ; and they can be content that another man be temperate and fober and if a neighbour fhould have the Cup before him, as they have, or a provocation to their appetite, they could be content that they let it alone ; yea they can tell them that it is the bell way, and give them good counfel ; and yet when thecafe is their 6Wn, it is otherwife. I have known drunkards that would perfwade their children to take heed of it, and (wearers that would whip their children for fwearing, and perfons that would not read or pray, that would be contentto have their children do in. And why is all this? why that which goes by their own throats, muff coil them felf: denial in the difpleafing of their greedy appetices; btit that which goes by the throat of another cloth coil them nothing : feif is not fo much againfl their childrensabilinence and reformation as their own. 4. The fame Magiltrate that will not troublehimfeif and difpleafehis neighbours,by fuppeffing Alehoufes. and pur ifhing vice, will Ferhaps be content if it were done by at other ; fo that felf might have none of the trouble and ill will. 5. Some men that will not infiruet their families, nor pray with them morning and night, will con fefs it is well done of H z others