Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

5-6 Thepartiality of ;wens related judgement in their own cafe. eafily put up or pardoned : when yet the fame words fpoken againft him, do feem intolerable. 18. Let a man (peak with others in poverty, ficknefs, or any afflidion, and what good counfel can he give him to fubmit to God, and take.all patiently I But let the fuffering be his own,anal he cannot take the counfel that he gives. 19. Nay more ; men are not only partial for thersfelves, but for any that are neer themfelves, or that felf is related to. Let another mans Son or Servant do evil, and you can be con- tent that he be rebuked or corrected : But if it be a Son, or Kinfman,or Servant of your Own, the cafe is altered ; its then a wrong to punifh him, becaufe of his relation to you. Let a Stranger do amifs, and you can give way to juitice But ifthe Drunkard, or Ale-feller, or Swearer be your friend, then he mull be born with and forgiven,and the Juftice muff be intreated for him. Let a fcandalous, or infulEcient Minifler, or School. mailer be offered to any place : If he be a Stranger, you can be content that he be reje&ed : but ifhe be a Kinfman, or Child, or Friend of yours, what an alteration doth this make in the cafe I then he muft be born with, or tried, and you hope he will mend, and his faults are made the {call of, and his vertues more then indeed they are. Nay ally man that doth but love yourfelveJ and honour you, and think highly of you, (hall have a favourabler conftruttion for all his words, and aftions, and intentions, then one that you imagine is againfl you, or bath low thoughts of you, or is againfl your interefl, or your opinion. Sirs, I have run into abundance of inflances, but not a quar- ter fo many as might be given ., and all is to meet with the turnings and windings of this Serpent fi/f- and to let you fee, (if light it felt can make you fee, againfl the blinding power of fey") how rare felfdenial is in the world, and what a large Do- , minion felf obtained). I would here have added Rime more Difcoveries, as 6. From the exceinve care, and colt, and labour that almofl all the world is at forfeff, and the little they are at for God, or the goodof others. 7. The large proportion that is expended on felt, in comparifon