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Thegreat Power andPrevalencyoffelfilhnefsdi/covered. 57 comparifon of God and others. 8. The Zeal ofmen to vindicate /elf, but the little Zeal for God or others. 9. The rigorous Laws that are made in the caufe of [elf: (Thieves and Traitors mull die) : and the remifsnefs of Law-givers in the caufe of God : Blaiphemy, Malignity, and Impiety is not fo roughly handled. 10. The firrnnefs ofmen to carnal faf, and their great mutability and unfaithfulnefs to God. But 1 had rather omit fornewhat, then to be too tedious, and therefore I go no further in there Difcoveries, rave only to add a few of thofe Aggravati- ons that chew you the extent offelfs Dominion, as you have ken the fad difcoveries of the reality of it. CHAP. IX. Thegreat Power and Prevalency offelflihnefs difrovere:cla A Nd that you may fee what caufe we have for our L'anienta,. don: Confider the greatneis of felfifh Tyranny In thefe Particulars. i. Confider what a Power it is that [elf beareth down in the world : The Commands of the God of heaven are overcome by it. The Promifes of eternal life are trod under foot by it. The threatnings ofendlefs torments are ;willing to it. it calls by Heaven : it ventures upon Heil : It tramples upon the preci- ous blood of Chrill : It will not hear the voice of wifdorn it felf : Nor the voice of goodnefs and mercy it felf It refukt him tha,:: fpeaks from Heaven : Love it Pelf is not lovely %he, e feifis Judge It quencheth all the motions of the Spirit : it de- ipifeth Minifters : It urreth mercies into wantonnefs ard fin Like Sampfon, it breaks all bonds that are laid on it ; a nderill it be weAned it fell, there is no holding, no ruling, no laving the foul, thats ruled by ir. 2. Confider alfo the exceeding Number of its Subjeds ly if there were no other proof, that the fanaified and the laved are very few, this one is fo full and fad a proof, that it rempteAh me fometime to think them much fewer then willingly It would do, Alas,how few/elf denyingperfons do you meet' with in world _ NJ' ' '4 49