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5S' The Pleat Power and Prcvalency of felfifhnels difcovered. world I yea in the Church I yea among the ffiri6ter Profeffors I Look over all the world, and fee bow few you can find at work for any one but for carnalfell? if you obferve the Courts,and fee whole work is done moil there ; and look into the Armies of the world, and fee who it is that ruleth there : if you look upon the affairs of Nvions, and the wars of Princes, and their confede- racies , and fee who it is that rules in all ;. how little will you fee (lave here and there) but carnal Pelf ? It is felfthat makes the caufe and manageth it : is is felf that maketh Wars and Peace. Come down into our Courts ofJuftice, and whole voice is loud- ercat the bar but felfs ? and who is it commonly elfe that brings in the Verdi&?at leall who is it elle that made and follow_ eth on the quarrel ? How many caufes bath felf at an Affize, for one that God bath ? Come lower into the Countrey, and who is it that ploughs and lows, who is it that keeps Houle or Shop but Pelf ? I mean what elfe but carnal felfis the Principle ? what elfe but carnalfelfis the End ? what die but the will of felf is the Rule ? and what elle butfelP commodity, or plea- lure, or honour are the matter, or fome provifion that is made for thefe ; and confequently what elle but elf-re/pee./ is the form ? For the End informeth the means as means , and therefore all that is done for/elf isfelliervice andfelf-feeling. In a word ,as God is all in all to the fandified, fofilf is as all in all to the un- godly. And alas hotsgreat a number areall thefe 3. Confider that it is a fin that Isneerer us objectively then any other fin ; And the neerer the more dangerous i Alas that a man fhould turn his own fubflance into poifon, & feed upon it to his own deflruftion !If you have drunk poyfon, you may cafi it up again, or nature ma'' do much to work it out : but if your own blood, and humors, and fpirits be turned into venom, that Ibould nourifh and preferve your life, what then (hall expell this venom, and deliver you ? 4. Moreover it is the moR oqinate difeafe in the world. No duty harder (except the Love ofGod, then felf-denial. 0 how many wounds will [elfcarry away, and yet keep life, and heal them alt, How commonly do we convince kyle carnal Gentle- men, dint One.thing needful, and that its a better part then Earth, and hJnou-r, and fenfuality that mull be chofen, orehe they