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70 inwhat refpec7 fell mugbe denyed. have been the ground of their faith and hope. 4, Moreover, felf min} be denyed as it hands up againa the Lord Jefus Chrift. Whe Chrifl is pre rented in his wonder- ful Concleicention , in his incarnation, and mean defpired life, and in his ignominious death, Proudfelf is offended at fo low a Saviour, and difdaineth that Humiliation whichhis own necellities did require, and defpifeth Chrifl becaufe he became defpifed and a man of forrows in our acad. When he is pro- pounded as the re eledy of a miferabie foul, and asour only Life, and Righteoufners, and Hope, Self doth (educe the foul to undervalue him : It will not eafily be convinct of lo much ruifery as to need fuck a remedy it is too well co value inch a Phyfician : it is too righteous to value the righteoufnefs of a Mediator. It bath too much Life and Hope at home, in its own flippofed innocency or fufficiency, to fet much by the Hopes that China bath purchafed, and to Live in him. 0 down with felf that ( frill may be Chriff to you. How fhall he come in, while Self is the Porter that keeps the door ? How (hall he pardon your when Self will not fuffer you to feel the want and worth of pardon ? How fhall he bind no your hearts, when Self will not fuffer them to be broken ? How fhall he slouch you with his righteoufnefs, while felf keeps on your own defiled rotten raggs ? Down therefore with felt, that Cheift may he extlted. Away with your own conceited righte- warners, that he may be your righteoufnefs ; down with your Selfifh foolifh wifdorn, that the fuppofed fooliffineis of God may be your wifdom. Level this mountain, which Saran bath built up in enmity againft rhe holy mountain of the Lord. 5. Moreover, Self mull be denyed as it is the great reater of the Holy Ghoft. The fandifying fpirit bath no greater enemy, at leaf}, except the Devil l im'elf. One half or the work of fandification, is, to dertroy this Carnal fell. And therefore no wonder if hence it find the chief refilfaner. Not an holy motion can be made to the foul but Self is againfl it. No work bath the fpirit to doupon us, bnt Self is ready to gainfay ir, and contradid it and work againft tt : when ever therefore this mortal Principle is contendingagainfl the fpirit of God, dif_ . honourng holineti, diffwadingyou from duty, perfwading you to