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wharefpea felt molt Q denyed. 71 to fin, down with it and deny it, as you woublhe true to the fpirit and your fel ves. 6. Moreover, Self muff be denyed as it traiteroufly com- plyeth with the enemies ofChrifl and your own falvation: when it takes part with Satan, and pleads for fin, and faith as wicked men fay, and entereth a confpiracy with all that would undo you, and all this under pretence of your own good. When ever it fpeaks for fin, you may be lure it fpeaks againfi God and you , and therefore its reafon you fhould deny it. Self alto mull be denyed when it rifeth up againft the fuppofed tedioufnefs or difficulty of duty : when it grudgeth at an holy life, and faith, [What a flir ishere? what a weary life is this ? what do I get by ferving God ?] Now Self is playing the tray!, tor againfi God and you : and therefore Deny it. 7. Moreover, when Self doth rile up againfi fufferings,a-nd make you believe that they are intolerable ; and that it is un- reafonable for a man to forfake all that he bath for fear of a finful word or deed, when we finevery day, when we have done our belt ; its time now to flop the mouth of jeIf; for it playes the Devils game againfi God and you, andwould per- fwade you to prefer a fhort, uncertain, miferable life, before eternal life, and to give up your Pelf towilful fin, becaufe God beareth with the fins of mess infirmity. Its reafon that you fhould deny fo unreafonablean enemy toGod and you. 8. Moreover, Self mutt be doled when it Rands up againfi the Ordinances of God, When it pleadeth againft the argu- mews of the word, and findeth fault with the Law that it fhould obey, and quarrelled] with prayer and all holy duties, and would make all inftituted means uneffeftual for your living good ; its timenow that you deny it. 9. When Self doth rife up againft theOfficers of Chrifl, and would make you believe that your teachers are fools, and you are wife ; that they are betide the truth, and you are in the right ; or that they fpeak againft you out of malice, or fingu- larity, or fome fuch diflemper, and fo would deprive youof the Paving benefit of their docStrine and office, its time now to deny Pelf, if you knowbut what belongeth to your peace. And though I grant that you muff not follow a teacher into a certain .fin