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Selfifb Dt ititions maff be denied, And z . Self-lave. fo in the gracious perfon. The wicked will deride this in their ignorance, as if we made God partial ; but its no filch matter : The Papa's cannot endure it but fuppole Peter, David, and 7oah, were quite without the Love or God, aud fo were again unfandified men : but this is their error, lc was rat freirn the Power of reigning relf love; and the Habitual ablerce of the Love of God, chat ihele men ( or any Saints) did fin : but from a particular a6t of mortifiedfelf love by a furprize upon the negled of the aftual czercife ofthe Love of God. But' all the fins of unanittiEt.1 men, or at leafs their common fins, are from the Habitual ?yip of felf-love, and the Habitual abfence of the Love ofGod.. And therefore the fins of the Saints are, as the Schoolcnen (peak of the graces of the ungodlyNnforeneet : they be not Mortai fins in the fenle aforefai:d, bectufecteiy bi not natu- ralized, informed ' animated, by the malignity and venom of m the Mo' ancl-Principle , which is- 11;bitrial reigniuA. f e lf- love : But thole of the wicked are fins informed by this inordi- natefelf-love as an habitual reignirgfin ; and therefore being animated by its malignity are rnortd : Yet fay not that this makes God partial, and not to hate the fame fin in ore as he doth inanother. For two things mull be tae,i in : 1. Where the heart is fan&ified,fuch fins are ftrargers perhaps one Godly man of ten or twenty may be guilty of one of them, as Noah was of drunkennefs once in all his life (fence his converfion : ) For it will not Rand with- grace to Live in them. For luch as a mans Love, and Inclination, and nature is, filch will be the drift of his life. And would nor you hare God make a difference between thole that fin once,and thole that live iii it. ? will not any honeft man make a great differenceoft he 'acne vets according as they come from different hearts ? you nor take a paffionate word from a Father, Husband, or Wiles fo ill as the fame word from a malicious enemy. If an unthrifty Son fhould fpendNon twenty fhillings waftfully, you will not pro- fecute him as you would do a thiefor an enemy that rakes it from you violently. Wilful murder and cafual man-fhughter, have not the fame puniflunent by the Lawof the Land. f f you Will make foch a difference your felves of the, fame words or deeds as they come from different meanings end affed ions,quarrel not L z with 75'