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76 Self conceitedneft muji be denied. with God for doing that which you confers is juft and neceirary to be done. I. The Faculty where this Difpofition is principally feared, is the will : which in man is the Heart of Morality, whether Good or Evil. And the Principal Aft is, an Inordinate Adhe/lon of man to hirnfelfond Complacency in loirnfelf: And this is the inordi. n atefelf-love that muff be firft mortified. 2. The next faculty that Selfhashcorrupted,is the 14ndergand- ing ; and here we firft meet with the fin of[elf efleem, which is the fecond part offeliiIhner.r to be mortified. It is not more na- tural for man to be finful, vile, and miferable, then to think him- felfvertuous, worthy and honourable. All men naturally over- value themfelves, and would have all others alfo over-value them. This is the finof Pride. But of this I mull fpeak by it felf. CH. AP. XIV. Self-conceitednefs mull be denied. He next part of feifiAsers to be mortified, is in the fame 3.Tfaculty, and it is called felf-conceitednefs. And it con.. fifleth oftwo parts : the firlI is a Difpofition to fe/fiih opinions or conceits that are properly our own : and the fe6nd is to think better of thole conceits then, they do deferve. Naturally men are prone to fpin themfelves a web of opini . ons outof their own brain, and to have, a Religion that may be called their Own : And its their Own in two refpeds : I.. Becaufe it is oftheir own deviling, and not of Gods revealing or ap- pointing : 2. Becaufe it fuiteth with their own carnal ends and interefls. Men are far readier to make themfelves a faith, then to receive that which God bath formed to their hands. And theyare far readier to receive a dodrine that tends to their car- nal commodity, or honour, or delights, then one that tends to felf.denial, and to abafe themfelves, and exalt the Lord. 2. And when they have hatched or received fuch opinions which are pe.. cialiarly their Own, they are apt to like them the better, becaufe they