Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

Selfconceitednefs muff be denied. they are their own, and to value them becaufe of the Intereft of Self. 0 Sirs, that you did but know the commonnefs and dan- ger of felfconceitednefs in the world ! Even with many that feem humble, and verily think that it is the fpirit of God that beareth the greatefl fway in their underftandings, yet felf doth there erect its throne. 0 how fecretly and fubtilly will felf in- finuate, and make you believe that its a pure felf-denying light which guideth you, and that what hold is meerly by the cogent evidence of truth, or the illumination of the Spirit, when it is but a Viper that felf hath hatched and doateth on, becaufe it is her arm Becaufe the Papifts have gone too far in teaching men todepend on the Church and on their Teachers, therefore felcconceitedneff takes advantage of their error, to drawmen into thecontrary extream, and make every Infant-Chriflian to think himfelf wifer then his moil experienced Brethren and Teachers ; and every raw unfludied Chriftian to think himfelf wifer then thole that have been fearching into the word of truth by flinty and prayer aimed all their days : and therefore to cry down that learning, wifdom and ftudy, which they are unacquainted with; that feeing they have it not themfelves,they mayat leafy be thought as wife men without it, as thole that have it, and fo may provide for the reputation and intereft of Self 0what fad work hath this great fin of feliconceitednell made in the world ! In too many places men make it their Reli- gion to ftrive who fball be greateft for wifdom and abilities in the eyes of men : and it is the very work of their Prayers, and conference, and reaching, to exercife felf-conceitedrufs, and to make it appear that they are tome body in knowledge : Hence is it that they are fo apt to fall upon novelties which either few re- ceive, or none before themfelves deviled, that being fingulat felf may be the more obferved, and they may have fomething which may be called their Own : Hence alfo it is that they are fo little fufpiciousof their own opinions, never bending their flu- dies impartially to try whether theyaire of God or not, but ra- ther to maitrain them, and to find out all that can be laid for them, and againfl the contrary-minded : Hence is it that men have fuck light and contemptuous thoughts of the judgement of thole that excel them in knowledge, and that the voice of Co L 3 nth 77