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84 self-conceitednefs mull be denied., their own eyes already. He is Righteostfnef.i, but not to them. that Juftifie therrtfelvei: He is Sailaificarion, but not to thole that never found their own uncleannnefs. He is Redemption,, but to none but thole that feel themfelves condemned. I-4bath. / the white rayment, and the treafures ofgrace and glory : but its only for thole that penitently feel that they are poor and mife- rabic, and blind, and naked. Truly Sirs thongh I have no mind to trouble the well. grounded peace or comfort of any of your fords, yet I would advife you, if you have never fo good: thoughts ofyour felves, foffiett left it fliould be the fruit of/elf. concettedneft : And if you fbould have never fo much peace and joy, look well whether it come fromGod or f elf,conceit 4 And ifit come not in againli felf, its ten toone but it comes from" Ifyour Peace and Comfort be not won from Chrift, in a way offelf-dosial ,and as the fpoils of the flefh, you have it not in the ordinary way of God. Did you come to yourJoy and Peace by humility, and filldenial, and patience, and mortification, and by becoming little children, and the fervants ofail, and by learn- ing of Chrift to be meek and lowly ? If not, take heed left you nourifb a changeling , an Imp of Hell, and a felfifb brat, inflead of the fruit of the Spirit ; the peace and joy of the Holy Ghoft. Ifyou feel no great matter at home to trouble you, you are too. Righteous to be Juflified by Chrift.. if you groan not under your ignorance and unbelief , you are too wife to be. Chr.ifls Difciples : If you mourn not under the load and pain of fin , you are too well to.. be Chrifts Patients. If you are readier to Juflifieand excufe your felves, then to con- demn your felves, and had rather hear your (elves praifed, then reproved, admonifhed, or inflrutied, and like Diotrephes, love to.have the preheminence, you are too high for Chrift to take any acquaintance with you ;sand too full of felfto have any room for his Love, and Spirit, and heavenly Confolations. He that gave us the Parableof the importunate widdow, Lttke 18. 2; 3 ; would have usunderfland that bare neceffity is not enough to fit us for relief (for then the worll of men fhould be the fitteft) : but it muff be Neceffity fo felt, as to humble us, and drive us to importunitywith God. The Prodigal was miferableo IOU !Xmas -denied. the husks, but he ,nevet felt his Fathers m