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Self-will t© be denied 91 to prevail againft God, as they have againfthis fervants , what work would be bathe world ? I know thefemen will not believe this by themfelves No : feifis too firong in them to let them fo far know themfelves ; But the Cafe is plain. For as God him- fell tell us, that ever fence the fall an Enmity is put between Chrift and this ferpentine feed ; fo we fee it manifested by daily fad experience. How generally is the Will of God difliked by the world ? What bath God fpokeagainft in his Word but fin ? and wliat elle bath he commanded his Meffengers to Cry out againft ? And yet what is there that more plcafeth the minds of themoil ? And how ftubbornly do they refift not onlyGod, but Magiftratesand Minifters that would draw them from it ? what is it that God conamendeth to the world fo much as an Holy and Heavenly life ? And what is the Heart of moil men more againfl ? and bowmuch do they ftrive againft all our perfwafi- ons that would bring them to it ? and how obitinately do they refill us, ifnot deride and fcorn that Holinefs which the will of God bath fo abundantly commended to them ? His whole Word fpeaks for it : his Prophets, Apoftles, and all his fervants are examples of it; his SonJefus Chrift in his facredperfon, and office, and holy life, bath yet more notably commended it to the world ; and it was a principal part ofhis bufinefs in the flefh, to let men a pattern of Holinefs ntISeg- : And yet many fcorn it,andhate it,and molt diflike it,and even fight againft this holy Wall of God, that is, againft God himfelf, ifthey had but any hope to get the better There is no doubt of it, though they will not know fomuch by themfelves. Do you think it is for nothing that God calleth them his enemies, and refolveth them the reward of enemies , even becaufe they would not have Chrift to rule over them ? Luke. 19.27. Doubtlefs God fentenceth noman unjuftly : If he fay they are fuch, and con- demn them as fuch, its certain that they are fuch. 0 bat the infinite dreadful God is out of their reach ; but they be not out of hid, reach. Their malice cannot hurt him any more then it can flop the courfe ofthe Sun ; but difpleafure will quickly bring them down. In the mean time', thefe wretches should confider what a God they have had to dowith, that beareth with their malignity. The Sun or Moon forbear not N 2 to