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Selffb P4frtons to bedenied, CH AP. XVI. seifith Pa/ions to be denied. Nother part offe/Pnefs to be mortified and denied, is felfifb Paffions. The foul is furnifhed with Pa ffions by by God, partly for the exciting of the will and other facukies, that they donot fluggifhly negle& their duties ; and partly to "help them in the execution when they are at work : So that they arebut the wheels or the fails of the reafonable foul, to fpeed ourmotion for God and our falvation, and not to be employed for carnal felf. When Paffions and A ffeftions are fanetified. and ufed for God, they are called Inch and fuch particular Gra- ces, and the fervour of them is an holy Zeal ; But when they are ufed for carnalfelf they are our vices; and the heat of them is but fury, or carnal zeal, and the height of vice. But how rare is it cornea will men that are meek and patient in their own caufe, and paffionate in a holy zeal for God ? I know many are paffionate in difputes &-other exercifes about religion,and think that its purely zeal for God when felf is at the bottom of the bufinefs, and ruleth as well as kindleth the fire, when they fcarce difcern it, and little know what fpirit they are of:. But pure zeal for God, conjoyned withfelf-denia/, is exceeding rare. How few can fay that their Love to God, is greater and hotter then their Love to themfelves? The Defires ofmen are firong afcer thofe things that fupply their own neceffities, and pleafitheir own corrupted wits: buthow cold are they after the honour of God ? How averfe are men from that which hurteth the flefh ! as to go into a pefl-houfe, or to take deadly poy fon, or to fuffer any pain but few are fo averfe to the breaking of the Law of God. A hard word or a little injury done to themfelves, will put them into a paffiox, fo that their asger is wig king out in re- proach, ifnot in morerevenge but God may be abufed f:orn day to day, and how patiently can they bear it ? There's few carnal minds but can more patiently hear a man fwear, or Curie, or fcorn at Scripzure and a holy life, then hear him call them Rope, or Knave, or Theif, or Lyar, or any fuch difgrzeeful 0 - name. 97