Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

96 Self-will to be denied. to you : you Love to pleafe your appetite in meats anddrinks ; you love to be carnally merry ,and fpend your time in vain fporrs and pleafure ; you love tobe reipeCted and humoured by all, and to be honoured and counted fome body in the world ; you love to be provided for, for the time to come, and to be wealthy that you may take out ofa full heap; or at leaft not want for the contentment of your flefh : and therefore you muff have your wilt, and have that you love, ifyou can tell how to get it But how long will you have your Wilt ? How long will you have that you love, though God forbid-it ? When death comes, will you have it then ? when you lie in pain expecting every hour to appear inanother world,will you then have your will ? when you are in Hell, will you then have your134/s, or that you love ? 0 Sirs, Self-will is fhort-lived, as to its delights and pleafure: But the Will of God is everlafting. And therefore if you take up with your own wils, how fhort will be your content ! but if you look for content in the Will of God, you will have ever- fallingcontent. Yourown will may be croft by every trifle ; Any man that is greater then you can crofs them : yea thole that are under you can crofs them. The pooreft beggar can rob you, or fcorn you, or raife a flander of you, or twenty wayes can crofs yourfe/f-avilf Ahundred accidents may crofs them. Your very Beaft can crofs you ; and almoft any thing in the world can crofs you ; much more can God at any timecrofs you ; and crofs you certainlyhe will : fo that in your own wils there is no reit nor happinefs. But if you could bringyour wilt to Gods, and take upyour full content in this Eli is the Will of God,J then what a conftanr,invincible content might you have ! Then all the world could not difturb you and rob you of your content,becaufe they cannot conquer the Will of God: His will (hall bedone; and fo you fhouldalways have content. CHAP;