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yr log self-interefl, And Pleartire, And CHAP. X I X. self-interefi, And i. Pleafure, And i. of then:11e to be denied. 2. j Have told you what the fe/fifh Difiontion is that muff be mortified and denied ; and now I muff tell you what is thefelfifk Interefl that mut' be denied : Having defcribed Pelf-denial from the Faculties, I muff now defcribe it by itsOb- jar. Thefelfifh Interell confifieth in this Trinityof Objeas, Plea- /ire, Profit, and lionotsr, not fpiritual, but carnal ; nor heaves- ly,but worldly Pleafure, Profit and Honour : fometime all thefe are comprehended in the word EPleafssre] alone; and then it is takenmore comprehenfively, and not only for fenfual Pleafure, called voluptuoufnefs, as it is here in this difiribution. And fometime all is comprehended in the term [world] and felfifh- nefrin the wordVieth] the world being that harlot with which the flefia commits adultery. So i 7oh. 2. i s, ,i 6. [ Love sot world or the things that are in the world. If any max Love the world, the Love ofthe Father is twin him. For all that if in theworlds the Loft of the fiefh , the Ltifi of the eyes, and the Pride ofLife, k not of the Father, but is of the world: and the work) pieffeth away, and the Lai thereof : but he that Both the will ofGod, abideth for'iver.] To thefe three heads therefore we *than reduce all that we have to fay of this matter.. I. Thefe/fiA,flef4// Pleafure that muff be denied, confifleth in thefe particulars following,, which I (hall but briefly touch, becaufe they are fo many. I .0nePrincipal part ofSenfuality or Self-intereft, confifieth in meat: and drink! to pleafe the Appe- tite. So far as thefe are taken to fit us for Gods fervice, and ufed to his Glory, fo far they are fanaified, as before was Paid : but when they are meerly toPleafe the appetite,. they are offered to art enemy, and are the fuel ofluit. Do you fee any thing that yourAppetite defireth, whether meats or drinks, whether for quality