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2. Luilful inclinations torerdente flames ; For it is a fin that God bath fpoken terribly againfF, and that fo often that intimatethmans pronenefs to it, and ex- preffeth Gods deteflation of it. And feldom doth Paul rebuke it, but he reckoneth up the feveral kinds, that he may make it odious, and none may fcape. G21.5.19. Now theWorks of the flefh art manifell, which are, Adultery, fornication, unclean. lafciviatuneft, &c. of the which I tell you before, as Ihave alfo toldyou in rime pafl, that they wh ch do fetch things [hall not inherit the Kingdom of God. The fins which he would not have the Ephefians name, are, [fornication and all uncleanefs, therfilthinefs nor foolifb talking,norjelling,whicloare not conve- nient : becaufe no whoremonger, nor unclean perfon, nor covetous man, who a an Idolater, loath any inheritance in the Kingdom of Chrill and of God fo Col. 3.5, 6. Mortifie therefore your members which are upon earth ; fornication,uncleannep, inordi- nate affedion, evil com-upifcence, and covetatunefs which 15 Ido- latry ; for which things fake the wrath of God cometh on the children of difobediexce Cor.6. 9, I.°. [ Be not deceived ; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abufers of themfelvet With mankind, &c. fball inherit the Kingdom of God] I Tim. i . I 0. The Law is made for whore- mongers, for them that defile thernfelves with mankind, &c. ] Helm 3 4, Whoremonger, and adulterers Godwin ?sedge Read alfo i Car. 5. I i Moth. 1 5.19 Heb.t 2.16 I noel. 4. 3. Rom. 1. 28,29. &c. I Cor.6.13,18. &10.8.714e1.7,8. Thefe filthy dreamers ei file the filh, &c. 2 Pet.2.I 0,I [ Bat chiefly them that walk, after the flefh is the loft of uncleanneft -- Ha- ving eyes full of Adultery and that cannot ceafe from fin Abhor therefore this 6Ithy damnable fin, which Gad abho;rech. And to that endpleafe not the flefh by any beginnings of it, or any thing that favourethof it, O'P makes way to it. Chambering and wantonnefs are mentioned by the Apoflie among the fulfil- ling of the flefhly Tufts, Rom.13.15,14. the allurements of the lulls of thefi,A and wantonnefs was the courfe of the WITil bed Apodates, 2 Pet. 2. 18. I Pet. 4. 3. Ep 419 2 C°r12,2I Is/lar!Tzz. And Chrift hirnielf hath told you that [ he shat looketh on a woman to lull ofter her, loath committedadultery al- ready in his heart] Mat.5. 28, Suffer not therefore your eye to