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114 2. Lujiful Inclinations to be denied. to entice your hearts, by gazing onbeauty or any alluring oh. jeds ; touch them not, come not near themwithout necefli ty. The fire of lull Both need no blowing up : but in fome it needeth, all that ever they can do to quench it. Fly therefore from the temptations and occafionsif you would efcape ; call not your hives upon opportunities of finning ; Let temptations have as little adv.antage as you can. A weak Chriftian may walk more evenly that flyech from temptations, and keeps at a diflance from that which would enfnare him, then a flrong Chriflian that fuffers the.bait to be, near him. David, woful experience could tell you, what it is to give way to a wandring lutlful eye: when 7.9fephs refolution may tell you what an-advantage it is, to flyaway and not to fland a parley with temptations. As ever you would fcapc this fin, this horrible foul-defiroying -fin, keep. off from all opportunities of committing it, and live not with temptations near you : efpecially take heed that you Puffer not an uncleanfpirit to polliefs your thoughts ; but callow the &If impure cogitations with abhorrency. 0 the daily filthinefs that lodgeth in the thoughtsand imaginations of fome men They can fcarce look on ,a woman of any comlinefs, but they have, prefently fome filthy thought. If they attempted a&ual un- cleannefs, a chaff perfon may eafily rejeel them with detefla- tion ; but in this fecret way of bean- filthinefs, they will com- mit fornication with whom they pleafe, and as many as they pleafe, and as often as they pleafe ; but the ruin and fin are only their own, As you love the favour of God, the credit of the Gofpel, And the peace and falvation of your own fouls, de- ny your lavesnot only the ruffs of uncleannefs, but of unchafle behaviour, and wanton dalliance, and the filthinefs of your thoughts.. For how unfit is that mind to converfe with God, . and to be employed in holy ordinances, that cometh but newly =, from thinking i:)f filthinels, and feeding on loft I