Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

Idle andworldly Talk to be denied. 121 fo long after vanity, before they call them to account. Do you remember Gods prefence, and withal! his holinefs and jea- loufie ? Can you talk fo idly and God 'bind by, and hear every word, and put down all ? How can you be fo contemptuoufly fearlefs of hjs pretence ? 2. The tongue of man is a noble member, called our glory, Pfal. 3 o. i 2. & 57.8. given us for the Praifeof our great Cre- ator, and for other high and noble ends, And should it be abafed and abufed to idlenefs and vanity ? you will not take the cloaths that adorn your bodies to cloath a Maukin, or fweep the Oven, or wipe your difhes with : and why fhould you ufe your tongues to filth or bafe unprofitable things, that are given you for the nobleit ufes in the world, even the honour of God, the edifyingof your brethren, the reproof offin, and your own falvation ? 3. Confider, what abundance of great and needful imploy- ment you have for your tongues, and then tell me, whether you fhould fpare them to idlenefs and vanity ? 0 what work bath that little member to perform ! what matters have you tomind and talk of ? what tranfcendent fubjeds ? whir matter of highell excellency, and greateft neceffity ? you have a life of fin to look back upon and lament : you have many a fin to con- fefs to others : you need much help againft temptations, and for the firengthening andexercife of your graces : what need to make lure of your title to falvation ? and to prepare for death, and to get ready the graces that you mull ufe in your !all necef- fities ? and yet have you words to fpare for vanity ? What abundance of poor fouls about you are ignorant, hard-hearted, fenfual, covetous, empty of grace, in a (late of death and need all that ever you can do for their recovery, and all too little : and yet can you find in your heart to talk will them of vain unprofitable things ? Alas Sirs, moil of the perfons about you are within a ftep of death, and going to the bar of God, and want nothing but one ftroak of death to make:hem paft help, and fend them to damnation : And can you find in your hearts to talk idly with filch mcn ? 0 cruel unmerciful people, that regard no more your neighbours miferies ! If you came to them at the point of death, or if their houfes were on fiee, would