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f4ven. The Einfile Dedicatory. or a ttl us, or Auguflus Cefar ? Is it a defirable thing to be a Lord or Ruler, before we turn to common earth e and as Marius that was one day madeEmperour, and reigned the next., and was Clain by a fouldier the next fo to be worfhipped to day, and laid in the duff, if not in hell, to morrow r It was the laying of the Emperour Severta omniafui , fednibil expedit : And of King David, "havefees an end of all perfeaion. 0 value thefe things but as theydeferve! Speak impartial- ly ; Are not thole, that are {hiving to get up the ladder, foolifli and ridiculous , when thole that are at the top , have attained but danger, trouble and envy 5 and thole that fall down are accounted miferable Sed nulla acenita bibuntor 'Fitfilibus There .are more draughts of poyfon given in Golden, then in earthen Veil& , faith the Poet. The Scythian thereforewas no tool, that when the Emperour Mich. Paleologits fent him precious Ornaments and Jewels , askt, What they were goodfor ? Whether they wouldpre- ferve himfrom calamity, ficknef; or death and fent them home, when he heard they were of no more ufe. You defire not the biggefi (boar, orcloathes, but themeetefl So do by your dignityand eftate : As you mat ask but your Daily bread, fo muffyou defire nomore : Neither poverty, nor riches, but convenient food : yet fo as to learn to abound and to want, and in every mate to be content : bearing Riches and Dignity if ca/ upon you, without feeking 5 but not defaring or gaping after them , nor glai ying in them Undergoing them as a burden with patience and felf-denyal , and carefully ufing