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The Epifile Dedicatory. ufing all for God ; but neither defiring nor ufing them for Carnal felf. ['They that will be rich (or great) fall into temptation and a [rare, and into many foolifh and hurtful lulls, which drown men in elegruilion and perdi- tion : for the love ofmoney is the root of all evil, which while Lorne coveted after, they have erred from thefaith, and pierced themfelves through with many farrows] Tim 6.9, 1o. Remember where you begun, and where you muff end. Nakedyou came into the woi ld, and naked you nitift return to eitifi. You brought no riches hither, and none than you take hence, unlefs you learn the bleffed art of making friends of the unrighteous Mammon, and laying up a good foundation againft the time to come, and laying up a treafure in heaven, by the right im- provement ofyour prefent mercies. hough our life be not circular, but progreffive, the end as to our na- turals, is liker to the beginning then to the middle. If we dye not children, yet liker to children then we live. Its fad that the height and perfection of our age fhould be the height of our folly : And that childhood and retired age fhould be leaft entangled with theie vanities. And its a lamentable ftupiclity that allowech fell fo confidently to play its game, fo near eternity, where one would think the note of damned fouls, and the triumphant joyes of bleffed Saints, that paft to reit by the way of felf-denyal, should mar the fport and turn their pride into shame and trembling ; and the great things of mortality that are even at hand, fhould drown the noifeof pomp and pleafure, and make the Greatnefs of this world appear an inconfiderable thing. The Lord grant that you be no lefs humble, andheavenly, and true to Chat, and above this world, ( then