Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

The Epifile Dedicatory. then when you and I had our firft familiar converfe, (and lure by this time you fhould be much better.) Its faid of figettbocles King of Sicilie, that having been a Potters fon, he would alwayes have together, earthen and golden veffels at his table, to remember him of his Original. You tread on earth, and bear about you fugh evidences of your frailty, as ferve to tell you, whence your fled) is, and whither its going, and how it (honk' be ufed now Remember alto your fpiritual new birth, by what feed you were begotten, and by what milkyou were nourifhed, and fee that you de- generate not, and do nothing unworthy that noble birth, and the heavenly nature then received. II. And remember that jelfidenyol is never right, wiles it be canted by the love of God ; and as you deny your fell, foyou entirely and unrefervedly devote your !elf to him. To this end I craveyour obfervation of there few unqueftionable precepts. 1. TakeheedofUnbelief, and dread all temptations tending to it, and live by that faith which maketh ab- fent things to be to you as prefent, and things unCeen as if they were feen, When Heaven once loleth its intereft in the foul, the world may play Rex and de- lude and deftroy us at its pleafure. a . Take heed ofall intrufions offe/flihnefs:Elpecial- ly overvalue not your own underftanding in the things of God. Draw not a great pidure of a little man. Be not eafily drawn to contemn the judgments of thole that have fearched the holy Scriptures, with equal diligenceand humility, and with much more ad- vantages of retirednefs, and time and helps then you. 3. Takeheed of engaging your hand, or tongue, or fecret thoughts, again it the faithful Minifters of Chrift: But