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The EpleDedicatory. age. How conftantly and zealoufly do they preach in publ'ck , at home and abroad , fol.= of them many times a week c How diligently do they inftrua the ignorant in private, from haute to houfe ? How un- blamably, and meekly, and felf-denyingly do they behave themfelves r And are men that oncemadepro- fefsion of Religion, become the enemies of fuch a Minifiry e [ O myfoul, come not thou into their fecret unto their etprembly mine honour be not thou united] Gen. 49. 6. I had rather be in the cafe of Turks, yea ofCan- nibals, then of thofe men. I know that many think our very ignorant Dividers to have more illumination, and that the Paftors of the flocks are carnal ignorant men : ( As the blind man that rufht againft another, and asked him , whether he were blind, that could not go out of his way.) But I have long tryed the fpirits s and I have found that thefe Cameleons have nothing within but lungs :. and that ftraw and little licksmay make the quicken and the lighteft blaze, but will not make a durable,fire , as the bigger fewel doth. A Bittern hath a lowder voice then a Swan or Eagle. And in Tome one thing .a bungler may excel' a better workman. And what if one Mini- fter excel' in one gift, and another in another, and few in all e Is not this like the Primitive adminiftration Yoube not angry with your apple-tree that it bear; not plumbs, nor with your pear-tree that it bears not figs But I have been too tedious. I befeech you interpret not any of thefe words as intended for accuCation or fufp'ition of your fell : God forbid you fhould ever fall from th,it integrity, that I am perfvvaded you oncehad, But my eye is on the Times with grief, and onmy An tieni,Dearefi Friend with zove,And in anage of Iniqui.