Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

The Epifile Dedicatory. ty and Temptation, my confcience and the world shall never fay, that I was unfaithful to my friend, and for- bore to tell him of the common dangers. Dear Friend, take heed of a glittering flattering world. Remember that greatnefs makes few bad men good, and fewgood men better. As Seneca faith, The Carkaife is as truly dead that is embalmed , as that which is drag'd to the grave with hooks. [ And this fay,the time is jhort a It remained, that they that weep be as if they wept not, and they that rejoyce its though they re- joyced not , and they that buy-o.though they pojeffed not , and they that fife this world as they that ufe it not, for the falbionof this worldpagetharvay. 3 r Cor. 7. 29, 3o, 3 1. And when the foul or the worldly fool is required of him , thenwhole fhall all their dignities , and honors, any riches be In the mean time, God judgeth not byoutward appearance as man judgeth, nor honoureth any for being honouredof men. juvers. Solos honor merito qui datur,Ille dater, Thefe truths ( well known to you) I thought meet here to fet before your eyes, not knowing whether I (hall any more converfe withyou in the flefh ; and Alb to defire you ferioufly to read over thefe popular Ser- mons ( perfwaded to the Prefs by the importunity of forne faithful Brethren, that love a mean difcourfe on fo neceffaty a fubjed : ) Watch and pray, that you en- ternot into temptation. I reit, sex. 12. iSit. Your Friend, ichardBaxter.