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The Preface. them have byworedorwritingfignifiedfo much to me. Even the Grotian Prelatills would wipe their mouthes , and fimak me fairer, if I couldturn to them : Mr, Pierce himfelf, that bath exceededall men (in his late Book, abounding with vifiblefall_ hoods and uncbriftian abgfeof thefervants of the Lord, Whom be calleth Puritanes) yebt telleth me, page 212. [ We contend for your fellowfhip, anddaily pray for your coming in ; if you, by name, fhould have occafion to pafs this way and prefent your feliwithother guefls at the holy Supper of our Lord ,noman on earth fhould be more welcome : but if you and your partners will continue your feveral feparations, and Phut your felves out from our Communion, as it were judgingyour felvesunworthy of the KingdomofGod,audexcommunicating your felves, See here the polder of Selfithnefs Aman that is paiitedout as Lazie, a Reader, a proud Hypocrite, and much more, fhouldbe as welcome as any man onearth , if he will but have communion with them in their way ! how much more if he werebut of theirparty ? This Would cure Hypocrifie, Pride, andall thefe crimes. And till We can comply with them, we [Excommunicate out felves, and judge our felves unwor- thy of the Kingdom of Gcd. 3 He that thinks Bifhops Amid not be as now, Dioceafan, andundertake many hundred Pariihes, and thenfeed andgovern them by others ; and he that fubmits not to their mode, in a Surplice,Kneeling at the Sacrament, or fume form of Prayer, cloth therefore judge himfelf L unworthy of theKingdomof God : J as if Gods Kingdom Were con- fined to them, and lay in meats and drinks, andnot in Righteouf- nefs andPeace ! And as if wecontinued in an excommunication of ourfelves, becaure we are not of their party ; When yet we deny no Proteflants to be our Brethren , nor refufe local Commu- nion With them fo they Will grant it us on Scripture-terms ; Which if theywill not, we Willyet hold communion with them in feveral Gongreffations. But thus it appeareth how firong fell interea is in the world; and how charitable men are to thole of their own opinions or parties, and how ealily many do take liber- ty to )(peak their pleafure againft any that are not of their mind. 8. ,Obfave alfohoW forward men are to Teach , and how backward