Baxter - HP BV4647 .S4 B39 1660

The Preface. backward to be Learners, and then judge of their Ser-denyal. Why are fo many unwilling to enter by the way of Ordination ? but ( too commonly ) becaufe they judge better of their Own abilities then Ordainers do ; and thereforefulPed that they may be rejeFled by the Ordainers, or difgracedat the leaft, while they th;nkhighly of themfelves. But if they were felf-denying men, they would think thefober, faithful PaThrs, muchfitter judges of their abilities then themfelves, and would not run before they arefent. Many that reproach the Minifters as deceivers , will needs he themfelves the Teachers of the people : As if they should fay, [ We ( filly ignorant fouls ) are wifer and fitter to be Teachers then you : come down and let us take your places. ] In conference you may obferve that moft are forwarder to fpeak then to hear : which 'hews that they overvalue their own under-. 'landings. Andfo much are Proud men delightol to be thought the Oracles of the world, that ifyou will but feem to hearken to them, and learn of them, and yield to their opinions , win theirhearts, and_Mall be the men that have their commendations. Info much that fome lateambitious perfms, that have thought to rife by the art of diffirnALtion, havefoundihdt there is no way for thedeceivingof thepeople, andprocuring the good will of moft, like this ; even to feem to beef every mans opinion that they talk, With, and to make every fei.i andparty believe that they are their friends, and of their mind .Efpecially , you will feem to be changed by their arguments, andgive them the glory of your con- vidions and illumination, rat will then be the dearly beloved of their hearts: In all thisyou may fee the rarity of felf-denyal Tea in the very work of God, too many of the moft zealous godly illinifters,that have been the inftroments of converting many fouls, are toucht a little with the temptation to this felfifbnefs lading too much to their own part in the work, 9. Ohferve but how commonly withmen calledChriftians, th: Intereft of Oral is trodden in the dirt , when it feemeth to crofs any interen of their own. An ,Argument drawnfrom the commands of Cod, or the nerenity of the Church , or of thefouls of men, feces nothing to them , if their Honour , or Gain, or Greatnefs,or fafety,do op again; it, andbe incongent with itsconclujion. Honce it is that the fouls of Hypocrites do cheat them